MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack Details Released

By Keith Gray, 4 years ago
In August this year, Hasbro and Ubisoft confirmed that they were working together to create the Hasbro Game Channel. Now, Ubisoft has released more details about one of the projects that they were working on as part of the collaboration with Hasbro.

Ubisoft has confirmed a new game bundle, titled MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack that takes inspiration from the popular board game series of the same name.


The bundle is set for release "later this year" as a trio of game elements. MONOPOLY Plus, My MONOPOLY, and MONOPOLY Deal each bring different features. MONOPOLY Plus is the main title, and it will be a virtual representation of the 2D and 3D boards in the real-life board game. My MONOPOLY will allow players to customise the game to their liking with the opportunity to make adjustments to classic boards and 3D boards.

The main features of MONOPOLY Plus are detailed below:

A real living board
- A full living 3D city in the center of the board.
- A miniature world that interacts with your progression throughout the game.

Play the way you want
- For a faster game, use the Speed Die.
- Or select from a catalogue of 6 house rules.

A social experience
- Take and display your photos at special moments during the game.
- Multiplayer: 1 to 6 offline and online
Unlike MONOPOLY Plus and My MONOPOLY, MONOPOLY Deal will be separate fast-paced game that allows players to enjoy different game modes against other players globally. As a standalone game, it will be available both individually and included in the MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack bundle.

Ubisoft has revealed a selection of screenshots to showcase the MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack at this stage:






Ubisoft has confirmed that the MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack will be released in retail stores, as well as being made available for digital download on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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