TrueAchievements Viral Month 2014 [UPDATE]

By Michelle Balsan, 5 years ago
Update: Did we miss a Viral you think should be included? Let us know over at this thread and keep checking in on the hub, which we'll update as we make additions!

Original Story:
Hello TrueAchievements community!

It's that time again! What time, you ask? Time to head on over to our Viral Month 2014 hub and register as a host to pass on your Viral acheivements to members of the TA community! Viral Month 2014 will go throughout the month of November, and we've put in a lot of work to make the event just as successful as it was last time (and more!), as well as adding oft-requested achievements, and adding a new feedback system.

For those of you unfamiliar with Viral Month, you may be curious as to how it works. We're looking for hosts who are willing to pass their Viral achievements on to other members of the TA community - so if you have a Viral achievement, we'll need your help! This event includes both pure Virals - those for beating a player in MP who beat a game developer, for example (think Lambency in Gears of War 3), and "sharing" achievements - those requiring that you and other people on your list meet a certain requirement (such as Mount Everest Relay in Kinect PlayFit). You can see all of the achievements that are up for grabs (and for which we need hosts), by checking out the full achievement list here.

As noted above, while the event was a success in past years, we also made sure to listen to the community to make some updates and include even more achievements in this year's Viral Month! One of the most requested games was Fable II, and its been added in a big way, as many of the game's achievements are unlockable just for joining the game of a person who has a save at the right point.

We've also added cross-platform play achievements for two cross-platform games: Universe at War: Earth Assault and Shadowrun. Hosts will need to have the game on both platforms, and Shadowrun hosts will also need multiple profiles, so if you fit that mold, we'd love your help!

We've implemented a new feedback system to make sure that everyone participating in Viral Month 2014 has the best experience possible. Once a session is complete, anyone in that session is encouraged to leave feedback for the Community and Events Team so we can know if any changes need to be made. As with most things around TrueAchievements, your input matters! Leaving session feedback will ensure another awesome Viral Month!

In anticipation of the event, we've gone ahead and released a brand new site badge - The Community Events Badge - that will let all your friends know just how active you've been in these events. You'll need to participate in 10 Events if you want that shiny yellow badge on your profile! Clicking on the badge will show off all the times you've been a participant, too!

Have a Viral achievement you want to share with your fellow gamer? Then head over to the Hub and register now! Viral sessions typically are set for 30 minutes, and you can tell us how many sessions a day and week you're willing to do. Then we'll take care of setting things up. Once the session is created, eager Virus hunters will join and we can get on with the business of getting those achievements out to anyone who wants them!
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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