Achievement Preview Spotlight: Sunset Overdrive

By Megan Walton, 4 years ago
Sunset Overdrive releases for various countries across the whole of the week and some of you lucky players may already have the game. For those that don't, this APS will give you a little preview into the world of Sunset City in the year 2027. FizzCo have produced an energy which, when consumed too much, turns you into a monster; your job is to clean up the mess and escape the chaos. To do this, you'll be combining shooting, grinding, wall running and zip lining your way through the levels, picking up just a few collectibles on your way. What other achievements will you be able to earn on your way through Sunset City?


There's a fairly hefty 64 achievements for you to earn in this game, with 10 of these being hidden away. The highest earning achievement is one of the secret ones, sitting at 50G, with the rest a mix of between 5G and 30G. As mentioned before, a few people already have the game, which means the ratios have already started jumping about a little bit, but this will most likely change once more people pick up the game and make their way through it. You'll have to use your jumping skills, questing skills and killing skills amongst a variety of other skills to complete this achievement list, and be ready to collect a lot of things along the way.

To kill these horrible OD'd monsters, you'll need guns. In order to kill bigger enemies, you'll need better guns, so get ready for some upgrading along the way. There's achievements for upgrading one gun to level five and also one for doing the same thing with 10, but the real challenge will come in being able to upgrade a total of 20 guns to level five.

I Like Them All in Sunset Overdrive
Upgrade 20 guns to Level 5.

The game doesn't make you work really hard for everything though. There's a nice achievement for earning an achievement and one for simply watching the credits all the way through. Presumably you will have to actually finish the game in order to do this, but there is no achievement for completing the game, so this will have to do.

Overachiever in Sunset Overdrive
You earned an achievement.

Appreciation in Sunset Overdrive
Watch the credits all the way through.

So, as mentioned earlier, you'll be using your guns to kill enemies, but there'll be a few other ways for you to take them out as well. You'll be aiming to take down 15,000 of these, hitting the 5000 mark along the way. You'll also want to burn, shock, freeze and enrage at least 1000 of them as you go too. Oh, and don't forget the grinding and mid-air kills too! There's also traps you will be able to use to stop your enemies in their tracks and it looks like there will be various types of traps to use. The achievements aim for you to get a fair few kills with these and also focus on the springboard trap specifically.

Trap Kills in Sunset Overdrive
Kill 500 enemies with traps.

Flung to Safety in Sunset Overdrive
Kill 100 enemies by flinging them into danger using the Springboard Trap.

Do you like a challenge? Well, Sunset Overdrive hopes you do, because you will be facing specific challenges as you go. These challenges will have a rating system of bronze, silver and gold, but what exactly you'll need to be doing in them is not specified. What you will definitely need to be doing though, is getting a bronze in at least 10 and a silver in a hefty 20. The biggest challenge of these will come from getting gold in a whopping 50 challenges. Are you up for this challenge?

The Champion in Sunset Overdrive
Complete 50 challenges with a gold rating.

So, you may have heard that there are a few different collectibles in this game. Well, you heard right and that was an understatement. Take a deep breath, because you've got smartphones, locations, security cameras, conversations and graffiti spots amongst others to find during your time in Sunset City. Clothes also seem a big part of the game, also collecting 150 of certain sets of items occurs more than once. Will you be able to persevere and collect everything this game has to offer?

Shoe Closet in Sunset Overdrive
Collect all 150 shoes hanging from wires.

Going to Need a Bigger Closet in Sunset Overdrive
Collect 250 fashion items.

It looks like it is going to take a pretty devoted gamer to collect and find everything that there is to discover in Sunset City. Are you up for the challenge?

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Megan Walton
Written by Megan Walton
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