Codemasters Announces Toybox Turbos

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Now that F1 2014 has been released in stores, people may be wondering what Codemasters are up to. Well, the answer is that they're still developing racing games, but this time they're going for a smaller downloadable title that doesn't take itself seriously. Players will soon be able to get their hands on Toybox Turbos, the title that represents the developer's "fondly remembered miniature racing titles of the ‘90s".


Who remembers the pool table tracks in Micro Machines that were marked out with chalk? What about the spilt milk and neatly laid-out Cheerios as you sped around the kitchen table, or the narrow ruler bridges that spanned the gap between school desks? Well, your nostalgia will be well and truly fuelled as these features make a reappearance in the 18 tracks to be included in Toybox Tours. Like Micro Machines, these tracks will also be filled with obstacles. As an example, your opponents aren't the only vehicles that you'll have to worry about when the runaway train cannons by on the railway set. Unlike Micro Machines, Codemasters couldn't resist the urge to include shortcuts too.

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Players can collect and customise 35 vehicles of all types and categories, including sports cars, dragsters, emergency vehicles, taxis, ice cream vans, construction vehicles, milk floats and even moon buggies. The build of your vehicle won't matter as long as you learn to use the power-ups to their maximum effect. These power ups are spread throughout each track and include machine guns, mines, electronic pulses and giant hammers.

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There are six gameplay modes in which to succeed. Your Classic Races are exactly what it says on the tin -- beat your opponents to be first across the line. Time Trial sees players attempting to beat their best times, while Countdown pits players against the clock instead. In Overtake, players must pass as many turbocharged busses as they can, but if that isn't enough of a challenge, Elimination tasks players with taking down bosses. The final game mode, Escape, means that you must avoid being washed away by the tide that is bearing down on you. As well as the single player modes, the game supports up to four players locally and will also offer online multiplayer.

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Take a look at the title in action:

Although the title is arriving next month for Steam, players will have to wait a little longer to relive their memories on Xbox LIVE Arcade as the title is yet to receive a release date on this platform.
Rebecca Smith
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