TrueAchievements App Now Available

By Rich Stone,
We are delighted to tell you that the TrueAchievements App is now available to download for free in the following Xbox One Marketplace stores:

• United States
• Canada
• Australia
• New Zealand
• United Kingdom
• Republic of Ireland

The app contains many of your favourite TrueAchievements features:

Gamer Homepage

We bring your TrueAchievements homepage to your console - your friend feed and 6 most recent games are shown, along with some of your TA stats, and the 6 latest news stories from the site so you don't miss out on anything that's happening in the Xbox world.

HomepageGamer homepage

Games List

As well as being able to browse all the games we have on the website, you can also see your personal games list, including your progress in each, and your additional stats on Xbox One games.

Browse GamesMy games list

Achievement Solutions

When you look at a game's achievements or challenges in the app, you'll see an icon next to the name if there's one or more associated solution. Clicking through to the achievement page then allows you to view the solutions, including any videos and images.

Achievement solutionAchievement solutions are available in the app

Gaming Sessions

Gaming sessions are hugely popular on TrueAchievements (we've run over 350,000!), and you can keep track of the sessions you've signed up for from within the app. You can also see who else is in the session, which achievements you are going for, and any other sessions for the game.

Gaming sessionView gaming session details


We all love our stats, right? We've brought many of the cooler stats we show on TA into the app, including gamer milestones, achievement score changes, game progress. And we made them animate too, because animated graphs are awesome.

Achievement PageAchievement page containing stats galore

Snapping and Voice Control

Because we want to make it easy for you to game while checking those solutions, the TrueAchievements App supports both snapping and voice control!

SnappedThe TrueAchievements App in snapped mode

Official Xbox One Achievements App Integration

You can now search for achievement solutions directly from within the Official Achievements App - if you have the TrueAchievements App installed then you will see a Search TrueAchievements button that will launch the app straight into the solution page for that achievement.

Xbox One Achievements app integrationIntegration into the official Xbox One Achievements application


The app is free to download and is supported by video adverts, unless you are a TrueAchievements Pro member - just as on the website, Pro members won't see any ads.


It wouldn't be a TrueAchievements app without putting achievements in it, would it? You can see the achievement list here. We hope you have as much fun popping them as we had making them!

Budding houndThe TrueAchievements App has achievements!

Help us to make the app better

Please post any issues or bugs you find in the app here, and any ideas you have for new features here.

We hope to bring you regular app updates including new features and achievements.

Thanks to all the TrueAchievements users for your support and for making this community, site and app so awesome - we couldn't have done this without you.

Rich Stone
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Yo! Rich here - I was the one that created TrueAchievements back in 2008 as I felt the Xbox Gamerscore system could be improved. The site has evolved massively since then and it's now the biggest and best Xbox community on the planet! Racing games and open world shooters are my thing, but I'll give most genres a go. Except RPGs - those things are evil.