Evolve Progression System Details

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
In just two days time, Evolve's Big Alpha test will begin for those lucky applicants. While Turtle Rock Studios is keen to reveal the content that players will be able to try out, they also want to make sure that players know how the game's progression system will work. At the end of each round, players will see a progression screen that will show their experience earned in both Player Progression and Character Mastery.

Post Round Summary

Character Mastery is the experience that is earned towards improving that character's use of weapons, their skills and their abilities. The rank for each category starts at the "Skilled" one-star level and maxes out at the "Elite" three-star level. Every time that you reach "Skilled" level in every weapon and ability for one Hunter or Monster character, you will unlock the next character in that class. Each level up unlocks a permanent perk that will enhance that ability, skill or weapon. As an example, here is the perk list for Markov's weapon, the Assault Rifle. Markov is one of the Assault characters:

• Skilled (1 Star) Deliver xx points of damage to anything in the world, get +2% accuracy.

• Expert (2 Stars) Deliver xx points of damage to the Monster, get +5% accuracy.

• Elite (3 Stars) Deliver xx points of damage to the head of Monsters, get +10% accuracy and the Elite Assault Rifle.
Player Progression is the experience that increases your overall player rank. This total is completely independent of Character Mastery, so will continue to increase regardless of the character that you are using. The maximum player rank is level 40 and experience is gained from Awards and Medals. As you rank up, you will unlock perks that you can equip for each match, such as:

• Climb Speed / Jump Bonus
• Weapon Switching Speed
• Jetpack Recharge
• Damage Bonus
• Ability Cooldown Rate
• Armor Regeneration
• Health Regeneration
• Feeding Speed
• Smell Range
Perk Selection

Those players that will be taking part in the Big Alpha will get access to eight of the Hunters (out of 12 total), two Monsters, three maps and Hunt mode. The starting characters are Markov for Assault, Maggie and her pet Trapjaw Daisy in the Trapper class, Val the Medic, Hank in Support and the Monster Goliath. If players master their characters enough over the four days of play time, they will be able to unlock Hyde (Assault), Griffin (Trapper), Lazarus (Medic), Bucket (Support) and Kraken (Monster).

Player Progression will not be accessible during the Big Alpha and none of the Character Mastery experience gained will be transferable to the Evolve when it is released on February 10th, 2015.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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