Grand Theft Auto V Exclusive Content Detailed

By Marc Caccamise,
The date in which players can return to Blaine County and Los Santos on the Xbox One is drawing closer every day, and for those returning players will be exclusive content. Some of the new vehicles, challenges, and weapons were detailed in a previous article, and now there is new information to expand upon what we already know. To get the exclusive content, you must have played at least the Prologue of Story Mode, and have a Rockstar Social Club account and a current Xbox Live account.

New Events and Rewards
New events and challenges will present players with the opportunity to unlock exclusive new vehicles, such as the Imponte Duke O’Death and the Dodo seaplane. There will also be new vehicles that are cruising around to find, including the Cheval Marshall monster truck and the faster and more maneuverable Xero Gas Blimp. There is also an array of other classic GTA vehicles and other surprises for both new and returning players.

The Imponte Duke O’DeathThe Imponte Duke O’Death

The DodoThe Dodo

The Cheval MarshallThe Cheval Marshall

The Xero Gas BlimpThe Xero Gas Blimp

New Weapons
An experimental military weapon called the Rail Gun can shoot explosive ammunition and has its own set of Shooting Range challenges to complete. For those who like their melee combat, the Hatchet will now be available to hack and slash with.

The Rail GunThe Rail Gun

New Activities and Missions
Rockstar has created additional activities and missions to complete in Story Mode that yield their own rewards. Playing as Michael, there are a trail of cryptic clues to follow to solve a Murder Mystery. Successfully solving it will unlock two Noir Style filters which can be applied to both Story Mode and Snapmatic photos to get that gritty old school crime classic feel. For the animal enthusiasts, there are new species of animals scattered across Blaine County and Los Santos. While playing as Franklin, if you catalog all of the unique species, you will unlock the special Kraken Sub. Race fans will get a change of pace with a new series of Stock Car races that rewards custom Muscle cars if you win. Lastly, there is street art tagged across the city, and if you find and photograph them all you will unlock new monkey outfits (available to everyone) and a Go Go Monkey Blista which is exclusive to returning players.

Murder MysteriesMurder Mysteries

Kraken SubKraken Sub

Stock Car racesStock Car races

As previously announced, players will be able to transfer their current progress to their choice of either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 version of the game. If you preorder the game, you will receive GTA$1,000,000 to spend across the Story Mode and GTA Online (GTA$500,000 for each one).

Rockstar has also answered the most frequent questions regarding the upcoming game:

What about the exclusive in-game content I originally received for purchasing the PS3 or Xbox 360 Special Edition or Collectors Edition last year? Will I be able to access that content on PS4, Xbox One or PC?
Yes, if you purchased the Special Edition or the Collector’s Edition last year, when you upgrade to one of the new systems, you will automatically have those items unlocked and accessible. Those in-game bonuses include the Stunt Plane Trials, Bonus Outfits and Tattoos, and the Pistol .50, Bullpup Shotgun and melee Hammer all for Story Mode use; as well as the Custom Classic GTA Parent Characters and the high-end Khamelion electric car for GTA Online. Furthermore, if you missed out on your chance to buy a CE or SE the last time around, we will also make all of that content available for all players on PS4, Xbox One and PC to earn and acquire with in-game cash (original SE and CE owners will not have to spend any in-game cash to obtain them, they will automatically be accessible upon upgrade).
Can you only make the GTA Online character progress transfer once?
If I transfer my GTA Online character to the new systems, will I still be able to play with him/her on my PS3 or Xbox 360?

Yes, you will only be able to transfer your character once. After transferring your character to PS4, Xbox One or PC, you can continue playing with him/her on your PS3 or Xbox 360 but the progress you make while playing is not shared to the character you transferred to your new version.
Will PC players also receive the exclusive upgrade content like the Dodo and Dukes?
Yes indeed! The content detailed above will be available to returning players on all three new platforms.
Will any of these updates being made for the new systems be also made available for the previous generation of consoles?
The vastly enhanced graphics and many other gameplay updates on the new versions of Grand Theft Auto V are really only made possible by virtue of the powerful new hardware of the new consoles and PC. Some of the other updates such as the upgrade content detailed above are being designed exclusively as a reward for returning players so those will not be released on the previous versions; however do stay tuned for more updates to be made available for Grand Theft Auto Online across all platforms and we’ll have more information on that soon.
Will my created Jobs transfer over to the new systems?
Yes, any Jobs you’ve published in GTA Online using the Creator tool will transfer over so that you and others can continue playing them on the new platforms. Please be aware however that Leaderboards, Snapmatics, Playlists and bookmarks are unique to the console generation you made them on so those will not carry over. (GTAV photographers should get ready to take all-new high-res Snapmatics!)
Will 30-person GTA Online sessions include competitive modes such as Races and Deathmatches?
Yes, they will! GTA Online on the new systems will support 30 players not just in Free Roam but in competitive modes as well (unless of course the Job you’re playing has been designed to be set to a specifically lower player max). We look forward to seeing what unique matches the community can create for a vastly increased number of players.
The Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto V is set to release on November 18th.

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