All New Gamer Blog Functionality

By Rich Stone, 8 years ago
Something that's been requested for some time in the Site Wishlist Forum is the ability to post a blog on TA. I know from personal experience that creating a website, and setting up a blog etc. can be a time-consuming and technical job.

So I have now added some pretty cool blogging functionality to your pages!

You can create a new blog post by going to My Pages->My Blog and clicking the Create post button. From here you can use the normal messaging controls (smileys, formatting etc.), and when you post any achievement pages or other TA pages you link to will automatically format nicely in your blog.

You have a few options for your blog, including whether to display it in the centre or as a right panel on your homepage, and how many recent posts to display if you have it in the centre (you're restricted to just 1 on the right hand side). You can also choose whether new posts are automatically published via your friend feed.

There's also an RSS feed automatically created for your blog (you can subscribe using the icon in the header on your homepage).
There's obviously a whole load of potential for this functionality, so keep the ideas coming!

I've also added some new css3 styling for browsers that support it (thanks to make the site generally a little more rounded.

Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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