Concept Art Appears for the Next Mass Effect

By Marc Hollinshead, 4 years ago
We have known that BioWare have been hard at work with the next Mass Effect game for a long time, but we are yet to hear any solid information about anything at all, apart from rumours and other small bits. Today, a healthy amount of concept art has appeared for the title which, while being the most amount of coverage we've received to date, hints at some new areas of exploration.

These first two shots show the return of the Mako, which will be used in exploring new worlds. BioWare have said that they want us to explore for "hours on end" and this will be with a brand new hero who isn't Shepard. BioWare claim that the hero will be skilled and capable, but they haven't reached the status that Shepard was when the original trilogy started.

Concept art 1

Concept art 2

Next, we have a new area to explore of the renowned Citadel, as well as some architecture created by one of many new alien races that we will meet on our travels.

Concept art 3

Concept art 4

Concept art 5

Lastly, we see a glimpse of on-foot exploration and a bit of space travel involving a small ship approaching a giant construct.

Concept art 6

Concept art 7

Information on the next Mass Effect is still slim, but once we hear more we will be sure to let you know right here on TA.
Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
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