Evolve Introduces Cabot

By Andy Mills, 4 years ago
Last time, we brought you news about the last of the Trapper classes in Evolve, Abe. This time round, we'll be telling you about Cabot, "The Leader," and the last support character to be in Evolve.

Cabot, The Leader

As with every hunter in Evolve, Cabot has a few features that make him unique. First up is his Damage Amp, which, as the name suggests, amplifies all damage on its' target. By how much, I hear you ask? 1.25x? Nope. 1.5x? Uh-uh. 1.75x? Getting there, but still wrong. The Damage Amp will double all damage on whatever it is aimed at. Used in combination with other weapons means the monster - and anything else for that matter - will die if you find it.

Speaking of finding the monster, Cabot's second feature is to call in his ship, the Laurie-Anne, to drop radioactive dust. This dust will tag any creature within a 60 metre radius of where it lands for 20 seconds.

Finally, Cabot's Rail Cannon should allow you to take out anything you've tagged. When you have a clear line of sight, a Rail Cannon shot will just keep on travelling until it hits something. When the line of sight is blocked, the cannon shot will then burst into a 40 meter cone and anything within said cone will be hit by half damage.

To see Cabot in action, feel free to watch this match centered around him and his abilities.

Evolve is currently scheduled to release on Xbox One on February 10th, 2015.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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