First Look at Tales from the Borderlands

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
Telltale Games have finally unveiled a sneak peak of their upcoming point-and-click adventure Tales from the Borderlands. Set in the world of Pandora, first made famous in 2K Games' Borderlands series, this new game will follow Telltale Games' very popular episode structure and is set after the events of Borderlands 2.

The following trailer, first seen behind closed doors at PAX and E3, explains the timeline and also introduces the main playable characters Rhys (Troy Baker), a company man from Hyperion with plans on becoming the next Handsome Jack, and Fiona (Laura Bailey), a Pandoran con artist. As is the case whenever one steps onto Pandoran soil, much action and hilarity will be had.

While watching, keep an eye out for other primary characters such as Vaughn (Chris Hardwick), Sasha (Erin Yvette), Vasquez (Patrick Warburton), August (Nolan North), and the notorious Handsome Jack (Dameon Clarke):

The first episode in the series, titled "Zer0 Sum", has no release date just yet, but will be priced at $4.99 USD when it releases for digital download on Xbox One and Xbox 360. If you like what you see, you can order the Season Pass upgrade for $14.99 USD, which gives you access to the remaining episodes as they become available.
Credit for this story goes to doomedtolive