Dead Rising 2: Case West Announced

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero smashed Xbox Live sales records, being purchased over 300,000 times in its first week alone, with nearly 500,000 to date already. So it's no real surprise that Capcom have just announced another downloadable episode for Dead Rising during their TGS press conference.

Dead Rising 2: Case West, as the name suggests, will see DR2's Chuck Greene team up with DR1's Frank West. He's covered wars, you know. Case West will serve as an epilogue to Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360), seeing the two protagonists unite for some "serious co-op action" as they delve deeper into the cause of the Fortune City outbreak and search for further links to the Willamette incident.

Capcom did tease the Greene/West co-op recently, with a blog post on their pretty hilarious Dead Rising 2 fansite, which is well worth a read.

It was also announced that Capcom have purchased Dead Rising 2's developer, the Canadian studio Blue Castle Games, after being so impressed with their work and how "Capcom" their work feels already, with Western flourishes.

No release date or price has been announced yet, but the game will obviously be release some time after Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360), which is set for release on September 24th in Europe and on September 28th in North America