Walking Through the World of Final Fantasy XV

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
Game developer Square Enix has released two new trailers for their upcoming role-playing title, Final Fantasy XV. I can only imagine how long it must take to put together the entire landscape of a game as HUGE as FF XV will be. Of course, Final Fantasy fans and even gamers who may not like the series cannot deny how gorgeous the visuals are and have always been in most titles from the series. In the first newly released video, we are treated to a Tech Demo as some of the terrains, landscapes, buildings, characters and more are formed into their final settings.

The second video treats us to 10 fantastic minutes of exploration. Everything looks so gorgeous from the grass to the water, the trees and buildings, even the convertible mashup of an Audi and a Chrysler, if you will, looks so damn slick! Check out the video and just take it all in and enjoy, as the walkthrough speaks volumes for itself.

I hope they locked their car and put the roof back up!

Final Fantasy XV - Episode Duscae is scheduled to release as a demo alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 on March 17th, 2015 in North America, March 19th in Japan, and March 20th in Europe.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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