Project Totem Gets Named & 360 Version Cancelled

By Chewie,
Back in April we brought the news of a new title that would be coming to the 360 and the One from Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Tentacles (WP) developers Press Play. Project Totem was to be a puzzle title in which players controlled two totem pieces at once through mind-bending levels and included a couch co-op mode as well as single player. As Creative Director Asger Strandby describes it, it's "kind of a friendship tester – if you can play the game and high five more than you slap each other, you’re probably ready to get married."

We've now had confirmation that the title is now to be officially known as Kalimba, along with a new trailer, some screens and other details, like a release date and price.

17/11/14 - Screen 1

17/11/14 - Screen 2

17/11/14 - Screen 3

17/11/14 - Screen 4

17/11/14 - Screen 5

17/11/14 - Screen 6

Unfortunately, along with all these details also comes news that the 360 version of the game has been cancelled. Kalimba will be coming to Xbox One on December 17th for $9.99 or your region's equivalent.

We've got the full list of Kalimba achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Written by Chewie
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