TA Gaming Stats - November 10th to 16th 2014

By Chewie, 3 years ago
This report is for the period November 10th to November 16th 2014.

Those who know me will know that I'm not the biggest of Halo players. What I've played of the franchise has just been dipping in and out of occasional titles with friends. What with all the fuss around the new bundle port, I though I'd give them a go again. One thing I really picked up on was how similar in behaviour the little Grunt things are to my Ewok helpers, the Statisticles. They are similarly annoying, they tend to hang around in clumps and they get themselves killed very easily, usually accompanied by mindless running around screaming. In fact, I shaved a few of the Statisticles and stuck a shell on their backs and the resemblance was uncanny. Forget Lucas; Chewie's gonna sue.

Games Started
73,273 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 112,915 games between them (1,961 different games).

It's a new release bonanza this week, with five whole new titles appearing on the table. Firstly, some obscure thing called Halo: The Master Chief Collection somehow manages to take the top spot with a massive 37,200 starters. As a point of reference, that's only 200 starters fewer than the biggest week one release on the console so far, Destiny (Xbox One), and 13,000 more than big new release Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Xbox One) managed last week. People sure do love some Master Chief.

Those massive numbers kind of make the other new releases look a bit piddling, but Assassin's Creed Unity's 15,100 would actually be pretty good on any other week and would have easily secured the top spot. Dragon Age: Inquisition (Xbox One)'s 4,000 starters in second place may seem low, but this was actually a week before most territories got it, so these figures mostly represent early access copies. Further down the table, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Xbox One) takes seventh with 1,100 starters and Pure Pool grabs ninth with under 780. Even with all those new releases filling up the table, those weren't the only ones of the week. Unfortunately, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, Shape Up and Terraria (Xbox One) didn't garner enough starters to make the table.

Top Xbox One Games Started

Not wanting to leave the 360 out in the cold, Ubisoft also furnished it with an Assassin's Creed release this week. Although, somewhat ironically, this one is mostly set in the cold; specifically, the chilly North Atlantic. Taking under a seventh of its One cousin's starters, Assassin's Creed Rogue still manages to land first place with its 2,000. So nyah, nyah Frenchies.

Also newly released on the 360, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham takes fourth with 450 starters, whilst Digimon All-Star Rumble, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (Xbox 360) and Toybox Turbos fail to show at all.

The "Games with Gold" handover happened this week and new freebie Red Faction: Guerrilla takes third with 1,000 starters, just behind Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's 1,250.

Top Xbox 360 Retail Games Started

Unfortunately, the new release fun times don't extend to the Arcade, so we're left with a lot of the usual stuff. As was mentioned to me last week, it wasn't just the recent Season Pass sale giving The Walking Dead: Season Two its boost, but also its release into stores as a retail disc. Regardless of that though, the reason its gone from 190 to 830 starters this week is assuredly because the first episode is also now 100% free.

Elsewhere, sales give How to Survive, Pool Nation and Serious Sam 3: BFE spots on the table in second, seventh and ninth.

Top Xbox 360 Arcade Games Started

Unusually, WP does get a new release this week in the form of Bad Piggies (WP), which claims a smashing 960 starters on the table. The fact that's its free probably goes some way towards helping those numbers. An older brother of the title, Angry Birds Seasons (WP), also went free this week, allowing it to claim second with over 460.

Meanwhile, sale title Bejeweled Live (WP) follows in third with 120 as recent top of the table holders, Age of Empires: Castle Siege (WP) and Secrets and Treasure: The Lost Cities (WP), slip to fourth and fifth place.

Top Windows Phone Games Started

Project Spark (Win 8) continues to slide down the table, this time from seventh to circling the bottom with 30 starters. Sale title Bejeweled LIVE (Win 8) makes do with seventh and under 40.

Top Windows 8 Games Started

Games Completed
6,784 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 8,964 games between them (1,324 different games).

After claiming third in its debut week, CoD: AW jumps up to the top spot with almost 600 completions this week. Is this the easiest Call of Duty for a while? It leads over a batch of Telltale titles and other recent and seemingly fairly easy titles, Sunset Overdrive and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Xbox One).

Top Xbox One Games Completed

Although it rises up the table, CoD: AW can't quite get enough completions to beat Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and settles for second with almost 150. Although it didn't make the started table, the very easy completion of new Micro Machines style racer Toybox Turbos puts the game in seventh.

Top Xbox 360 Retail Games Completed

As the server closure date quickly approached, the completions for Ascend: Hand of Kul leaped up to 50 from the usual 30ish, putting the game in fourth. Will the final two days of action keep it high on next week's table?

Top Xbox 360 Arcade Games Completed

Recent easy sale title Rayman Fiesta Run (WP) manages to beat out Microsoft Mahjong (WP), which has held a high spot for the last few weeks after having some achievements fixed in a patch. Those two popular freebies, Bad Piggies and Angry Birds Seasons take sixth and ninth with their high numbers of players also giving a boost to completions.

Top Windows Phone Games Completed

Recent sale title Rayman Fiesta Run (Win 8) manages to claim third behind the usual two, whilst the rest of the table is so close, it's mostly interchangeable.

Top Windows 8 Games Completed

Achievements Won
117,625 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 3,937,886 achievements online between them (69,378 different achievements).

CoD and Assassin's Creed don't even get a look in as Halo claims the clean sweep. Well, it was bound to stand a chance with over 400 achievements to throw at it. Whilst most of these aren't game specific, the ones that are, are all from the first game, so most people are playing them through in order. Suitably, seeing as this month is Viral Month here on TA, the tenth most earned achievement is a viral one.

Top Xbox One Achievements Won

Rogue can't keep CoD entirely off the table, leaving the latter to claim the bottom four places.

Top Xbox 360 Retail Achievements Won

That free first episode of TWD S2 dominates and will probably do so for a good while.

Top Xbox 360 Arcade Achievements Won

Bad Piggies is denied the clean sweep by a single Angry Birds Seasons achievement in third.

Top Windows Phone Achievements Won

Despite not being top of either started or completed tables, Age of Empires: Castle Siege (Win 8) still claims the most achievements earned. In fact it claims eight of the top ten achievements earned.

Top Windows 8 Achievements Won

Despite a duo of Assassins giving Action-Adventure a decent boost from 12 to nearly 16 million, Shooter was always going to walk away with this one. Halo takes the boost CoD gave it last week and skyrockets it from 23 to over 41 million. Kaplow!

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre
  • Shooter41,119,170
  • Action-Adventure15,869,001
  • Role-Playing2,789,282
  • Sports1,958,900
  • Action1,767,218
  • Adventure1,728,976
  • Platformer1,458,556
  • Racing1,290,215
  • Simulation878,290
  • Card & Board540,817

That's all for this week. Join us next week when we'll see if Dragon Age: Inquisition (Xbox One), Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One), Far Cry 4 (Xbox One) and more can touch the might of Halo or not.
Written by Chewie
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