Pinball Arcade Clears Certification on Xbox One

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Last month, Farsight Studios revealed that The Pinball Arcade was in the final stages of certification. The developer has now confirmed that the game has passed its certification and is now going through the retail testing phase, which "should be done by next week". The title will be available for download "before Christmas", and will come with all of the tables in seasons one, two and three. Click here for a full list of those tables.

Meanwhile, Farsight has confirmed the second table to be released for season four: Party Zone. Here it is in action.

Party Zone™ (1991): Designed by Dennis Nordman, this table's theme is all about having a good time. Players are challenged with getting the Party Animals, Party Monsters and Party Dudes to the Cosmic Cottage for a Multi-Ball Party! From there, they'll score Jackpots and shoot for the ultimate Big Bang! Request Time allows players to make way cool musical selections using the Flippers, including Pinball Wizard from The Who! The colorful Playfield includes awesome features such as the Dancing Dummy who bops 'til he drops, the host and DJ, Captain B. Zarr, whose head animates and follows the ball around the Playfield and the Prince of Puns, the Supersonic Robotic Comic. When it's time to party, there is no better place than Bally's Party Zone! 4,000 units of this table were produced.

We still don't have any news on the Xbox LIVE Arcade version of the title, but we'll be sure to tell you when we hear more.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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