Juju Receives Release Date

By Ashley Woodcock,
Game developer Flying Wild Hog have finally confirmed that their side-scrolling platformer, JUJU, will be coming to the XBLA marketplace. Taking on the role of Juju, 40 stages will challenge gamers on a mission to rescue Juju's father, and rid the world of the evil that is Calypso. Players will be able to bring a friend along for the ride as they take on the role of Peyo. Even though your co-op buddy may not be of the same skill as you, being either much better or worse, the game will not be too difficult or too easy for a team of two. Creative Director Klaudiusz Zych aims to offer a unique style of of co-operative play in Juju to suit players with skills of all ranges.

Juju Screen

As gamers and parents, we created JUJU because we know how frustrating it is when a game is either too easy or too hard for one player. We knew there had to be a way for two people to have fun together and both be challenged, regardless of skill-level.
Along with the system confirmation, the team have released a new set of screens showcasing a huge laser firing robot, some sugary visuals, rubber ducks, and plenty more:

Juju Screens 3

Juju Screens 01

Juju Screens 2

Juju Screens 4

Juju Screens 5

Juju is now scheduled for an XBLA release on December 10th. A price is yet to be announced.

We've got the full list of JUJU achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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