Galgun Gameplay Trailer [JP Only]

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
A lot of stories get suggested each day here at TrueAchievements Newshound Headquarters. Some of them are great, some of them not so great (Mario's 25th Anniversary has to do with the Xbox exactly?) and sometimes, we get the truly bizarre. Earlier today, frequent poster tsunamishadow suggested the gameplay trailer for the Japanese exclusive title, Galgun.

Normally, a trailer for such a region specific game is not notable in any way shape or form. This trailer starts out that way. It begins with some text in Japanese, then some portraits of girls being riddled with bullet holes, until finally we reach the 1:05 minute mark.

Just trust me (HA!) that this is worth your time. Watch the trailer. Just make sure no one is watching over your shoulder, or you are about to have a very awkward conversation.

What....the that!? shock

It appears to be Time Crisis but you shoot Japanese school girls with a gun that makes them blush and cover themselves up. This is after, of course, you take your time lining up the pantie shot. The "story" has you playing a Guardian Angel that is shooting young, impressionable schoolgirls with a gun to help them find "true love." Exactly how a tentacle monster straight out of La Blue Girl works into this is unknown.

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Galgun is being created by Alchemist, renowned maker of visual novel titles, and will release exclusively in Japan later this year, where it will join a long line of really bizarre games that have no hope of being released anywhere else.

You stay classy Tokyo.

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Credit for this story goes to tsunamishadow