Vivienne Becomes Real in Dragon Age: Inquisition

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
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In Dragon Age: Inquisition, the Inquisitor can be accompanied by several companions or followers as they try to stop the demons that have invaded Thedas. One of those companions is Vivienne, who we have already met in the recent trailer. She's an Orlesian Circle mage and is the personal enchanter and advisor to Empress Celene of the Imperial Court. She will let nothing stand in her way; as long as she is left standing at the end of battle, that is all that matters. If she is the type of character that would inspire you to blast away your enemies and impress your friends at the next gathering, take a look at Bioware's guide to creating your own Vivienne costume.

To Vivienne, there are no impractical clothes, only impractical people. Her magnificent attire is a sign of her station, the jewel of the high court of Orlais where wealth, power, and beauty are inextricably linked.

A thousand arrows would pierce her breast before Vivienne would don beaten steel for so base an urge as protection. If one must wear armor, then have it flatter the form. Hide it beneath fine fabrics more becoming of one’s status, for steel alone will not protect you from the barbed tongues of Orlais.

To dress for comfort or purpose is a scandal—fashion and splendor are all that matter to Vivienne. Shower yourself in gold, let only the finest silks grace your skin, and wear a king’s ransom in pearls and silver upon your feet. Leave the stained tunics and rough cloaks to the commoners and their mud farms–a proper Orlesian climbs mountains in her evening gown, standing taller at the summit in her formidable high-heeled shoes.
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If you would rather stick to in-game adventures and not cross your gaming with reality, Dragon Age: Inquisition is now available for purchase on Xbox 360 and Xbox One in all regions.

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