Game Publisher Launched For Windows Phone

By Michelle Balsan,
Last week, we brought you the news that Tiny Troopers is currently in development for Windows Phone and Win 8. While business has picked up a little in the Windows Phone Marketplace, it was a relief to WP owners to see a new title announced from a new publisher.

Today, Game Troopers has revealed that they have been founded in order to "help developers quickly and easily bring games from other platforms onto Windows Phone and Windows 8." This is undoubtedly good news for WP users as it will hopefully lead to a helping of fresh content over the coming months.

Nicholas Reville, co-founder of Game Troopers, has noted that the company "will even do the coding to get the game running on Windows," which will hopefully make the platform a popular option for mobile developers.

Game Troopers is founded by Space Inch, who is the mobile game startup behind Make it Rain and Abyss, both of which will be coming to Windows Phone and Win 8 and will be LIVE-enabled.

Make it Rain: The Love of Money is designed to be a satire on the obsession many people have with wealth. You start the game by simply swiping as fast as you can to make the money rain, and then turn that money around into less-than savory business dealings, or maybe some savory ones, that's up to you.

Make it Rain Screen 1

Make it Rain Screen 2

Make it Rain Screen 3

Make it Rain Screen 4

Make it Rain Screen 5

The action in Abyss takes place in the year 3024. Players control a biomechanical robot, called Nep2no, that is tasked with collecting "Gaia" energy stones. These stones are important as they will provide resources to humanity, who is swiftly running out of time. Players will have to counteract gravity and navigate terrains using only a small, ever-diminishing Light as they collect this life-saving resource.

Abyss 6

Abyss 5

Abyss 4

Abyss 3

Abyss 2

Abyss 1

In addition to the news about upcoming titles, it was also made clear that Tiny Troopers will be a free-to-play title, though microtransactions will be available within the game.

There were no further details as to release windows for the newly-announced titles, but we will be sure to get that information to you as soon as it is available!
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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