DA: Inquisition Plays Varric and The Iron Bull

By Rich Stone, 4 years ago
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In the final part of our cosplaying trilogy for Dragon Age: Inquisition, (see part 1 and part 2 if you missed them), we've got costume ideas for two more of the companions or followers that accompany the Inquisitor through Thedas. Varric Tethras is a returning character from Dragon Age II. He's a surface dwarf who loves to tell stories, although he will always have your back when you get into a tight scrape. While he won't be a romantic interest in Inquisition, he would still be a fine choice of companion. You can check out the character in action in his official trailer, while the instructions for his costume can be found here.

Varric Tethras will tell you the history of Thedas and everyone in it without a word or whisper of himself. Though quick to deal with the troubles of his companions, Varric buries his own problems behind a boastful front.

Born among the surface dwarves of the Merchants Guild, Varric is a man apart from his people. He has no love or longing for the homeland underfoot that shuns him, and has little taste for the flamboyant displays of wealth and privilege displayed by so many surface nobles. Instead, find this clean-shaven and well-tailored dwarf at the side of an unlikely hero or rubbing shoulders with your local tavern’s finest knaves. He’s at his best with cup in hand and tale to tell, rewriting the truth as he sees fit.
Varric 1

Varric 2

Varric 3

Our final companion for this feature is The Iron Bull. He's a mercenary and a Ben-Hassrath internal agent that operated on an island run by the Qunari. He lives up to his name and has an intimidating appearance. He "overeats, drinks himself sick, and will hop into bed with anyone he’s reasonably sure he won’t break". He also "has a thing about demons" and can be seen in action in his official trailer. If a power-hungry mage or story-telling dwarf isn't your thing, perhaps you would like to have a go at a costume for The Iron Bull instead

Iron Bull 1

Iron Bull 2

Iron Bull 3

If you would rather stick to in-game adventures and not cross your gaming with reality, Dragon Age: Inquisition is now available for purchase on Xbox 360 and Xbox One in all regions.
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