Take Part in the Dungeon of the Endless Contest

By Ashley Woodcock,
Amplitude Studios, game developer behind Dungeon of the Endless, which was recently released on Steam, are looking to get their PC community as well as eager console fans involved in a currently on-going contest that is taking place. It's time for you to unleash your inner-artist and take part in the Design-Your-Own-Monster contest.

The game itself is not lacking any well-created monsters, as we've seen in previously covered screens and the most recent trailer. Players will encounter monsters of all shapes, sizes, and colours as the evil critters take the form of "hyena-like canines, prism-headed bipeds, gargantuan floor-stomping trolls, squid-like humanoid" and plenty more. Now, the community has an excellent opportunity to put their design into the game. Here's what the participating monster creators will have chance to win:

Enter the contest with the chance of winning an indie developer’s bundle of goodies featuring three free copies of the game (to play co-op, obviously!), the permanent integration of their monster into the game, their name in the credits, and a T-shirt featuring the designed monster.
The "Community-Driven" contest is already underway and will continue on through until Monday, December 1st. Details on how to enter, as well as rules, a quest that entrants will need to check out, and communication options with other community members can all be found right here.

Dungeon of the Endless remains without a confirmed release date on the Xbox One.

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Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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