TA Top Five: Games We Wish Were on Windows Phone

By Ellis Spice, 4 years ago
If you're an owner of a Windows Phone, you've likely at least once wished that the platform got more Live-enabled games. Whilst the other major mobile platforms, iOS and Android, have gotten themselves amazing games over the past couple of years, us Windows Phone owners have had to make do with a flood of Angry Birds titles, the odd Microsoft-published title and a few grindy-as-hell free-to-play games. Whilst we may see more arrive soon with the announcement of a new publisher in Game Troopers, there's still a haul of games we wished would arrive on Windows Phone one day.

A quick note before we get into the list itself: This list is going to made up of games that are not currently in the Xbox ecosystem and aren't set to arrive at some point in the near future. So as much as I'd like to add games like Riptide GP2, Threes! and Plague Inc: Evolved into the list, their upcoming arrivals on the Xbox One means they're going to be skipped over.

Honorable Mention

Hitman GO
Hitman Go

Hitman GO takes the thoughtful process of avoiding being spotted and killing your target as Agent 47 and turns it into an enjoyable tactical turn-based title. The game requires players to move around diorama-styled game board grids, with guards also moving around the board at the same time. Predict the behaviour of the guards incorrectly and its curtains for Agent 47, but play it right and you'll get away Scott-free, bonus briefcase in-hand. Along the way players also come across the usual tricks of the Hitman trade, including distractions, disguises and hiding spots.

Top 5

5. Infinity Blade
Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade from Epic Games manages to mix an enjoyable set of touch-controlled hack'n'slash gameplay and the sort of loot gathering dungeon crawler fans love. Players will need to build up their characters through multiple generations, gathering more money and better weaponry along the path to battle and beat further bosses. Battles are a very back-and-forth affair, with players having to take care to counter, dodge and parry oncoming attacks at the right time, opening up their opponent to a barrage of slashes. If the gameplay and loot grinding get its hooks into you, many hours of enjoyment can be spent looping round to get the ultimate weapon, the Infinity Blade itself.

4. The Room
The Room

The Room and it's sequel are very likely the best mobile three-dimensional puzzle games out there, thanks in part to their excellent use of touch controls. The first game in the series challenges players to open a series of mysterious boxes, each of which with their own set of increasingly-difficult puzzles required to be solved in order to open them. Along the way players are also told a story about an unnamed persons research into an element only known as the 'Null'. If you want to enter The Room, prepare to spend a fair amount of time scratching your head as you make your way through the engaging puzzles that will lay in your path.

3. Mikey Shorts
Mikey Shorts

From the outside, Mikey Shorts may look like an average mobile platformer, but inside its unassuming package is quite possibly one of the best mobile platformers out there. The game manages to nail simple, responsive on-screen button controls, with the levels themselves perfectly tuned to allow players to quickly pick up and play a couple of levels whilst still rewarding persistent players, with multiple runs needed in order to achieve all that the game asks from you.

2. Ridiculous Fishing
Ridiculous Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing from Dutch developers Vlambeer is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Players are challenged to cast their line as far down as possible, tilting to avoid fish along the way. On the way back up players must then try and catch as much as possible, with these then being flung up into the air. At this point, it's time for your fisherman's weapon of choice to come out and fire these fish out of the sky, with good fish caught using this unique method going into your pocket. There are bad fish to avoid along the way however, and catching these will end up costing you, quite literally. Using the profits gathered from catches, players can purchase better reels, guns, lures and clothes to further their catching ability and gather further money from future casts. Much like Infinity Blade, if the quest for loot gets it grips on you, your free time on your phone will be lost to dodging, catching and shooting.

1. Motorsport Manager
Motorsport Manager

Motorsport Manager is quite possibly the ideal management game for fans of Formula One. As the owner of your own racing team, players start off in a lower tier of the sport, with the aim being to earn your way through the ranks and win the coveted World Grand Prix Championship. As well as the meta game of managing your finances, hiring better drivers and technical staff and upgrading your car, the meat of the game lies in the races themselves.

Firstly there's qualifying to handle, with the correct car set-up for the track and good timing to release your drivers hopefully putting them high up on the grid. Then it's onwards to the race itself, where tactical prowess will be needed when it comes to pit stops and tyre wear to ensure your drivers make it to the end-race podium.

What mobile games would you like to see make their way onto Windows Phone? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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Ellis Spice
Written by Ellis Spice
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