Let's Talk with DavidMcC1989

By Marc Hollinshead, 4 years ago
Hello all and welcome back to another community interview! Many thanks for your patience over the past few weeks. We are now back on course! This week's guest is DavidMcC1989, an Irishman who likes to have a positive outlook on life. Unfortunately we have no pictures for this one, but all the good stuff is still there! So, let's give a big TA welcome to DavidMcC1989!

Marc: Gamertags almost always tell something about their owners. Tell us about yours.

It shows that I'm not very creative. The story goes that with my good group of friends that I've been with for a long time, there are two Davids. To tell the difference between me and him in case there was any name entry, I'd just add on the start of my surname, and that just stuck. When I went around to making my gamertag, that was the only thing that came to mind, and then I just stuck my birth year at the end, and bingo!

Marc: How long have you been gaming?

For as long as I can remember anything. I think my first gaming memory was when I was like 7 years old, playing Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt, as we had the combo cartridge. I was playing Mario with my dad in two player mode, and I don't think he got past the second level. I remember getting to maybe the third or fourth.

Marc: Do others in your family game, or are you a first-generation gamer?

Apart from the above, I'm pretty much the only real gamer in my family. My brother plays games as well, but it's mostly FIFA games that he plays.

Marc: What do your parents/significant other/friends have to say about your gaming?

They wonder who I'm talking to all the time when I'm playing games, or they tell me that I'm too loud at times, but apart from that, they don't have a problem with it at all.

Marc: Assuming you’re not a professional gamer, what’s your day job?

Right now, I guess you could say I'm unemployed. I've just done 2 one-year college courses in computer multimedia and now I'm just looking for something to do, preferably in video editing or creation, but I can do a bit of website stuff as well.

Marc: What other hobbies do you enjoy?

Don't really have any. I'm pretty much a hermit in my room most of the time, unless a few friends of mine want to go out and do something. (No late night drinking, though) I have started to do some game streaming. And if you wouldn’t mind a cheap plug, I’m at http://www.hitbox.tv/DavidMcC1989

Marc: Well there you go. That's a sort of hobbie right there!

Tell us about your home life – parents, spouse, children, significant other, animal companions?

Not really much to say, just living with my parents and my brother. Parents are both retired, and my brother is a manager for a gambling website. Got two sisters as well, but they’ve both moved out and have families of their own now.

Marc: Of what real life achievement are you most proud? Would you give us some details?

Probably getting those two years in college done. Before that, I had actually applied for a three year IT college course after I finished school, but I was only able to fully pass the first year. With the way the course worked, I progressed to the third year, but couldn't pass it. I repeated it and still couldn't, so you could understand if my family weren't too happy with me. So, during the summer after we decided enough was enough, they said that I had to do something, so they found me this one year multimedia course that they thought would be right up my ally, and it was also somewhere that my brother went before I did, so we knew it was a good place to go, so I went for it. Passed that year, then applied for a follow-up course somewhere else and passed that. So, I guess I could be proud of how I bounced back from failing a course after four years to get those two done, and now I have something to show for it.

Marc: That feeling of failure is something that I'm sure many of us have felt the cold sting of, me included. It's great to hear you turned that around, though!

What’s your favorite game of all time on any console? What makes it special?

In terms of the experience that I felt playing it, it would have to be Super Mario 64. It was the first real game that I tackled with determination to get it finished and completed. I still remember the moment when I finished the final Bowser boss with my family cheering me on. I broke out in tears when I did it and I hid behind the chair I was sitting on, because I couldn't bring myself to watching the ending scene.

Marc: All that effort and you didn't watch it to the end? Must have been something pretty special!

Do you remember the first game you played? What’s your fondest memory of it?

Super Mario Bros. Can't go wrong with having that as your first gaming experience. Probably the fondest memory of it would be beating it for the first time. After all the hard work you put in and all the struggles, to know that you got to the goal is a great feeling.

Marc: If some evil spell allowed you to own only a single game for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

Tough choice. Probably a game like Grand Theft Auto V. Huge world, lots of places to go and lot of things to do. Plus, you can probably make your own high speed chases with six-star police.

Marc: What part of the world do you live in? If I were to visit, what sights would I have to see?

I live in Dublin, Ireland. If you get lucky and you don’t get here during typical Irish weather (which consists rain, strong winds and more rain), you can check places like Dublin Castle, the Spire and, of course, the Guinness brewery.

Marc: Any games you regret putting on your gamertag?

The one that would be on the top of the list would be Pinball FX2. I had it added to my card earlier in the game's life span, before all of the add-on packs were added to the game, so I didn't really think of it that much. Then the achievement list just got bigger, and bigger and bigger. And I know I can't get any more achievements on it, because I'm not good at the game.

Marc: If you were forced to change your gamertag, what would you change it to? What does the new tag reflect about you?

Probably something along the lines of A Sober Irishman. Probably because that's what I am. I'm an Irishman that doesn't drink, which I believe is a rarity over here.

Marc: I think that's a good thing. I wonder how many people would agree with me, though laugh

Tell us about your gamer pic. Why did you choose that one?

My non-avatar pic is of the Worm with the shotgun. The reason I picked that is because I loved playing the Worms games, especially with my friends. And shotguns seem to be my weapon of choice in that and in just about any shooter game that I play.

Marc: Do you have any particular gaming pet peeves?

Probably hearing people on their headsets while they’re blaring music so loud that it drowns out the game sounds.

Marc: What upcoming game are you most looking forward to?

The one on the top of my list would be https://www.trueachievements.com/Metal-Gear-Solid-5/ach....htm. I really enjoyed playing all of the Metal Gear Solid games, ever since I first played MGS2: Sons of Liberty. By the way, quick tip for those that want to get into the Metal Gear Solid series: Don't start on MGS2, half of the stuff in that game will confuse the heck out of you if you haven't played the first game. But back into my point, MGS has always been a very good story-driven series, and if you're a follower of the series, you would have to be curious as to how the past and the present of the series get linked together, and this game would help doing that.

Marc: I only ever made it through some of the first game (and maybe the a bit of the second). That "Encounter" music brings back a lot of memories!

What game are you most proud of completing? Why?

In terms of 360, I would have to say Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights. The fact that I had to complete the game twice, as the online and offline career modes are exactly the same and that I had to go through so much crap with trying to set up six person sessions, with people always dropping out in the last minute, I was just so relieved to get that game done. The Club would also be one for having an achievement that one-ups the "Seriously" achievement in Gears of War by 1, and with putting in all the time trying to get it done.

Marc: What single Xbox achievement are you most proud of? Why?

I would say:
SoulCalibur IVTower's New GuardianThe Tower's New Guardian achievement in SoulCalibur IV worth 107 pointsClear all upper floors of TOWER OF LOST SOULS.

That was the trickiest achievement of the bunch for me in that list, because I was stuck on it for quite a while. Basically, it's a mode in the game where you have to beat opponent after opponent to climb a tower. The objective was to get to the top. But I got stuck at the very end, because the opponents got really tough. I just kept trying and trying until eventually I got through it. And that effectively gave me the completion. So, all that determination paid off in the end for me.

Marc: In a slightly different vein, do you have a favorite achievement? One perhaps that you just really enjoyed attaining?

This might be cheating, but probably:
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HDVic BossThe Vic Boss achievement in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD worth 232 pointsClear every achievement.

I know the achievement is get every other achievement, but I had so much fun playing that game when I first bought the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. I pretty much played that game for 5-6 days straight, working on everything in that game, and that's rare for me. I'm usually someone that doesn't really stick to one game for long periods of time, I usually switch games after a few hours or so. So, I would say that one.

Marc: If you found yourself dropped into a video game, which video game character would you most want to have your back?

Probably someone like Master Chief. He would be a huge guy, so something big to hide behind, and he wouldn’t have a problem doing just about anything, which is good to hear for a lazy person like myself.

Marc: In the same scenario, what character/creature would you most/least like to see headed your way?

For both kind of scenarios, probably a dragon. If I’m on their bad side, I would probably be burned to a crisp. On their good side, I’d burn everything else. Also, I’d ride on it and fly all over the place.

Marc: Any characters you would like seen thrown into video game hell?

Can’t really think of any. Again, not really someone to look into the negatives.

Marc: Ever had any bad experiences online? How did you handle it?

Oh, way too many to count. Most of the frustrations I have had online lately have been trying to arrange sessions or other group games, but not everyone wants to cooperate. Or times in team games where I feel like I’m doing all the work, but then someone gets the last bit in and gets his name up saying that they completed it.

Marc: Do you prefer single player or multi-player?

I'm a multiplayer person, especially when it's some sort of team based game. I'm definitely more of a team player when it comes to multiplayer games, so I like it when there's some sort of cooperative action going on, and that I know I'm helping other people succeed. I do like single player, but nothing like communicating with others to reach a common goal.

Marc: You don't like negatives, you like helping people succeed...It's nice to see someone so positive!

Do you have a favorite group of friends you like to play with? If so, how did you meet?

I only really have one good group of friends that I still hang out with, and it goes back maybe 15 years now. Started off with two friends of mine that have pretty much been in every school I have been up until college. Even though I'm a year or two older than them, we've still met up together when we could. The rest of the group are mostly family members of those two, but I've gotten to know them just as well.

Marc: If you could have a multiplayer session with anyone in the world, whom would you choose? Why?

If I could speak Japanese, I would pick Shinya Arino. For those who don't know him, he's a Japanese comedian, but he's also known for hosting a gaming show in Japan called 'Game Center CX'. Basically, he plays tough NES games and sees if he can complete them. He's not the best player in the world, but he has the personality and charm that when he does screw up, you can't help but laugh. If I could pick anyone, I would pick him. But there's the language barrier, so if I could speak Japanese too, that would be great.

Marc: What other consoles do you own? What are your favorites on those platforms?

As of right now, I have a PS2, PS3 and PS4 (though the PS4 is more my brothers, but I can play it now and then), a Nintendo 64 and Wii, as well as a Nintendo DS and PSP. At some points, I have had a Game Boy, a Game Boy Color, and two different Game Boy Advances (normal and SP) and of course, the NES.

Marc: Have you ever had a game you really looked forward to that you were disappointed in when it finally arrived? Tell us about it.

Can’t say I have. I’m not really someone that really looks into the negatives of games.

Marc: Tell us about your gaming set-up.

Most of the time, it's a mess. All of the gaming stuff that I have (that isn't in storage) is all in my bedroom, and it's not exactly the biggest room you've ever seen. Right now I have a small HDTV on a TV stand that’s made for a TV maybe twice its size, with a PS3 undeneath it. I actually have my 360 placed in front of the TV stand, so to give it more room to breathe. Don’t want this console to burn up.

Marc: Maybe we should be glad that we can't see a picture of it? laugh

How do you use TA? Tracking, walkthroughs, solutions, sessions?

I pretty much use TA for all of the above, but mostly for the stat tracking. I like to see what achievements I have gotten, and check solutions on the ones that I don’t have. Gaming sessions are good as well, if I want to get some help on something, or feel like getting some quick progress done every now and then.

Marc: Do you ever contribute solutions?

As of right now I have around 8 or 9 solutions up, including a few video solutions, and I also have a published walkthrough for EA SPORTS MMA. I’m also currently working on a couple other walkthroughs.

Marc: *checks game.* 18 discontinued achievements? Bummer!

How has your gaming changed or evolved since coming to TA?

Probably the amount of grinds I've done have increased. I seem to be a real stickler for high TA ratios that only really require me to play the game.

Marc: What do you like and dislike most about the site?

Stat tracking would have to be the number one like. Can’t really think of any big issues with the site.

Marc: How did you learn about TA? Have you signed up any friends to the website?

I found the sight while looking for a solution for an achievement on WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008. I checked the solution a couple of times without really thinking about checking the site, then thought "Ah, what the hell?" and signed up. I have referred a couple of friends to the site, though I'm not too sure if they're using it now or not.

Marc: Have you made friends here?

I've made a good few friends on TA. Won't name any, because I don't want to leave anyone out, but they know who they are.

Marc: If you have a pro account, what’s the most number of forced scans you’ve done in a day?

I did have a Pro account at one point, and I am tempted to make it a Pro account again, once I have the money, but I think I've only done a max of 3 or 4 forced scans. I'm not really in a hurry to see my achievements on my friend feed, unless I want to see how it affected my TA Ratio and such.

Marc: If you could have a game handcrafted just for you, what would your perfect game be?

I really like games that have RPG elements to them, whether it be quest based, or even leveling wise. So, maybe I would like to see a fighting game, or even a racing game that has those kind of elements. Like, if it was a fighting game, you level up as you defeat people, or improve your skills overtime. The same can be applied to racing games.

Marc: Is there anything you’d like to see added to TA’s functionality?

Probably just more ways to sort out stats on the site. I’m a stat freak.

Marc: Why do you choose TA over other gaming sites?

Just the amount of scope that this site has in tracking achievements. It’s like a one stop shop for anything that I want to check out.

Marc: Do you have a “claim to fame” in gaming? If so, what is it?

Can’t say I have one.

*Lightning Round*

Favorite 360 game?

Gears of War

Favorite non-360 game?

Mario Kart (any)

Favorite game developer?

Probably Konami

Favorite game weapon?


Most hated game enemy?

Does the dog from Duck Hunt count? He keeps laughing at me!

Favorite game character?

Solid Snake

Favorite game sidekick?

I guess follow up the last answer and say Otacon

Favorite game ending?

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Brings a tear to the eye every time I watch it.

Most hated game ending?

Of the ones I’ve played: Bomberman: Act Zero. You play 99 levels that are all the same for a nothing ending.

Favorite game environment?

Hyrule Field in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Favorite game music?

Metal Gear Solid (the whole series)

Most emotional video game moment?

See favourite game ending

Game that shouldn’t have had a sequel?

Probably Assassin’s Creed as of late. I get the feeling that having a yearly AC game is a bit much.

*End of Lightning Round*

Marc: Is there anything in particular you want the TA community to know about you?

I’m pretty much just a friend sort of guy. I like to have a laugh and play games for fun every now and then.

Marc: Any shout-outs you want to make before we go?

Pretty much a shoutout to everyone that I’ve played with on here, everyone that has helped me work on achievements, played games for fun and those I still talk to occasionally.

Well, there you have it, folks. Thanks a bunch to DavidMcC1989 for giving the time to share his own story with us. Join me next time where I'll be with my next guest, https://www.trueachievements.com/spaceSuicide.htm.

Come back to see me and, you guessed it... let's talk. wave

I'd like to remind everyone that because of the huge waiting list for candidates, I am currently not taking any applications for the Community Interview. When some of the backlog has been worked through, I'll let you know. ~ Marc
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