Second Patch Detailed for Far Cry 4

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
Ubisoft, game developer behind the crazy world that is Far Cry 4, have detailed and released a second patch for the title which aims to fix a few different issues that have been on going in Kryat. Check out the small list to see if any issues you have noticed through your time with the title have been fixed:

• Fixed some random crashes on all game modes.
• Fixed host migration edge random & case issues
• Fixed custom match stability issues
• Fixed join-in-progress edge case issues
• Fixed progression page issues in Story missions
• Fixed functionality issues in the shop menu
• Fixed several localization issues (cut-off text, subtitles)
• Fixed various low repro walkthrough breaks
• Fixed host migration random issues specific to coop
• Fixed minor gameplay functionality issues
• Fixed aiming issues with the machine gun weapon
• Fixed minor and low repro QTE issue with specific animals
• Fixed Map Browser issues
• Fixed occlusion and navmesh issues
• Fixed some missing audio in radio calls
The patch for Far Cry 4 is live on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One right now.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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