PSA: Saints Row 2 - Kingpin Achievement

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
Arrr Matey! This Sunday be International Talk Like A Pirate Day which be the dorkiest day listed on a Hallmark calendar. Go git yer wenches an' some of Captain Morgan then git on and play yerself one multiplayer match ova' Xbox LIVE. Just to be safe from the scurvy, eat yer oranges, an' to be safe for this badge, play it in ranked. Jus' in case.

Arr... will not git you an achievement, but it will count towards the 30 needed for the Kingpin achievement.

Saints Row 2KingpinThe Kingpin achievement in Saints Row 2 worth 310 pointsEarn 30 Multiplayer Badges

An if you miss it, you have a second chance! For some insultin' reason, Arr... is also available on December 5th, which is Day of the Ninja.
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