RE Revelations 2 Release Dates, Trailer & Screens

By Chewie, 5 years ago
Capcom has unleashed a whole heap of details on us for their upcoming episodic sequel, Resident Evil Revelations 2. First off, we get a new trailer for the game. This trailer definitively confirms the return of fan favourite character Barry Burton, who's searching for his missing daughter, Moira, on a prison island. In the trailer he encounters another new character in Natalia, a mysterious young girl with extra-sensory abilities.

Along with the trailer we get a set of screens and some character art, including the big man himself.

04/12/14 - Screen 1

04/12/14 - Screen 2

04/12/14 - Screen 3

04/12/14 - Screen 4

04/12/14 - Screen 5

04/12/14 - Screen 6

04/12/14 - Screen 7

04/12/14 - Screen 8

04/12/14 - Screen 9

04/12/14 - Screen 10

04/12/14 - Character 1

04/12/14 - Character 2

04/12/14 - Character 3

04/12/14 - Character 4

Finally, Capcom has also revealed the release dates and pricing for the game, which will be released episodically on digital formats, before getting a full-blown disc release later on. The episodes are scheduled to release on Xbox 360 and Xbox One for $5.99 / £4.99 / €5.99 on the following dates:

Episode One - February 18th
Episode Two - February 25th
Episode Three - March 4th
Episode Four - March 11th

Each episode will also include content for the game's RAID Mode, which returns from Resident Evil Revelations.

04/12/14 - Release 1

The "Complete Season" will be purchasable for $24.99 / £19.99 / €24.99 and will include all four episodes, plus two spin off episodes focusing on Moira and Natalia, and Hunk as a RAID Mode character.

04/12/14 - Release 2

The game will then be able to buy on disc on March 10th in North America and March 13th in Europe for $39.99 or regional equivalent. It will include all the "Complete Season" content, as well as Wesker as a RAID Mode character, alternate costumes for the main characters and additional RAID Mode stages that are throwbacks from other Resident Evil titles.

04/12/14 - Release 3

Are you pleased to see Barry back in the series and will you be delving into the game episode by episode or waiting until the whole lot is out?
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