Project Root Trailer Revealed

By Dread Reaver, 4 years ago
Reverb Triple XP's Project Root for the Xbox One was previously announced during the Gamescom festivities in August this year. However, besides a few screenshots and a vague release window, there was little else detailed about the game.

That's now changed; the publisher has revealed that the game puts players in the role of "rebel ace" Lance Rockport, who has been tasked with battling the minions of the evil Prometheus Corporation. Project Root will have eight unique levels, with battle occurring both on the ground and in the air. As par the course for any good shmup (shoot-em-up), players will be upgrading their vehicles to improve firepower, shields and movement, and will, of course, have them taking part in frantic boss fights.

We have also managed to get a look at the game's brand new trailer, complete with actual gameplay footage, to get players excited, and it looks gorgeous:

Project Root will be coming to Xbox One in early 2015.