Dying Light Trailers And Development Wrap-Up

By Andrew Ogley, 4 years ago
With the release date for the upcoming zombie action survival title, Dying Light, just over a month away, the developers have been winding down and taking a timeout to reveal some background details about the production of the game.

Firstly, they've revealed some of the literary influences on the title, some of which might be surprising. Rafal Orkan, novelist and co-author of Dying Light's storyline, recalls how classics such as Albert Camus’s "The Plague" and Joseph Conrad’s "Heart of Darkness" influenced the title, stating that they wanted to evoke similar emotions and offer players an insight into how people react to the extreme. To coincide with these little revelations, the team at Techland has also released a new extended trailer featuring the background story for the game.

Game producer at Techland, Tymon Smektala, has also been revealing some of the challenges faced during the development of the game. During the early announcements and promotions for the title, there were the obvious comparisons with games such as Dead Island (Xbox 360) and Mirror's Edge, with some journalists stating that the new title was "Mirrors Edge with zombies", a description that Smektala never felt really did justice to what the team were attempting.

According to the game producer, the team had greater ambitions and were looking to create a game that would allow the player to step outside of the corridors, hop over fences, and climb on top of a building to see what’s on the other side. To enable this, the development team initially created hooks on all of the climbable elements in the game world, over 50,000 of them in the first weeks, but this still didn't feel satisfactory; the team wanted more.


The next step was to create something that the team later dubbed "Natural Movement", a system where real-time analysis was done to determine what actions were available to the player at a particular moment in the game. This was, as Smektala revealed, much easier said than done, providing the development team with a number of new challenges. With the new system, players could reach previously unreachable places, previously created animations would start clipping, and zombies had to be spawned in such a way that they wouldn't seem to appear out of mid-air no matter where the player was. One of the biggest issues was to create all the sense of movement without inducing motion sickness in the players.

Dying Light Dev Images

Ultimately, it all came together and Smektala went on to say that the team are proud of what they have achieved, and in the latest trailer it is clear to see how all of the parkour elements have been combined to make a spectacular looking action game.

Dying Light will release on the Xbox One on January 27th in the US, January 28th in Australia and New Zealand, and January 30th in Europe and Asia.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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