Explaining Evolve's Evacuation

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
If you're still confused about what you saw in last week's Evacuation trailer for Turtle Rock Studios' upcoming title Evolve, then we're here with a bunch of tutorials to try and explain things in a little more detail.

Evacuation is a "combination of modes, maps, and campaign effects that provide over 800,000 possible paths". In theory, you should never have the same experience twice when playing Evacuation. This isn't a campaign mode, but it does try to tell a story that takes place over five in-game days. Shear is being overrun by Monsters, and if the four Hunters haven't defeated the Monster within those five days, Shear will be lost. Each day is represented by one round of Evacuation, so players will battle through a total of five rounds.

The first round is always the game mode Hunt, although the map is randomly chosen by the game itself. The Monster must destroy the power relay in the map. However, to do this the Monster has to kill wildlife and eat enough to evolve to Stage 3, otherwise the player is not powerful enough to destroy their objective. The round will also end if the Monster eliminates the four Hunters, while the Hunters will be successful if they kill the Monster.

Once the first round is over, players can vote on the next location and game mode. The choice of location will always be one of two adjoining territories. As for game mode, there are two other modes aside from Hunt from which players can choose: Nest and Rescue.

In Nest mode, there are six Monster eggs hidden throughout the map. If the Monster manages to find its eggs first, the player can hatch the eggs to spawn a Stage 1 Goliath minion that will cause hindrance (and possibly death) to the Hunters. The Monster wins if it eliminates the Hunter team. The Hunters, meanwhile, will win if they destroy all of the eggs and the minions, or by destroying the Monster itself.

In Rescue mode, Turtle Rock has instead hidden injured colonists throughout the map. This time, the Hunters must be the protectors as they try to revive the colonists and deliver them to a nearby rescue shuttle. On the other hand, the colonists are great food for the Monster. Whichever side saves/kills the most colonists wins the round.

While rounds two to four are up for vote, round five is always a round of Defend. The Hunters must defend their evacuation ship as it takes on the fuel that it needs to escape. The ship is surrounded by two defence walls, each of which is powered by a generator. The Monster has control of waves of Goliath minions that are tasked with destroying the generators and then the ship itself. If the ship finishes refuelling or the Monster is killed, the Hunters are the winners. If the ship is destroyed, the Monster is declared victor.

You may feel like it doesn't matter who wins each round as, ultimately, the final round is always the same game mode and can have only one of two outcomes. However, when Turtle Rock said that there were over 800,000 different ways for Evacuation to play out, they meant it. The outcome of each round will add a variable to the next map. As an example, if the Hunters are the winning team on Dam and the location is saved, the dam workers will be able to power up perimeter fences on the following map. These fences cut the next map in half and offer a distinct advantage to the Hunters. The following image demonstrates just one path through Shear, the possible outcomes of each round and the variables that are added to the game.

Evacuation Match

Alternatively, you can watch an entire Evacuation match that took place between development team members during the latest Evolve Live stream. Put on the kettle and get comfortable, as this takes just over an hour to complete.

The Evacuation game type will be available for Xbox One players to try in the open beta that will be arriving in January. If betas aren't your thing, you'll have to wait until February 10th to try it out when the game is released.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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