How to Recover Some of Your Data [UPDATED]

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Hey gang,

With the Recovery Act of 2010 in full swing we thought it would be helpful to post a tip to recovering your lost solutions and reviews.

Head over to Google and do the following:

* Enter into the search bar - Your GT Achievement Name

If google finds the achievement you are hunting for you should see after a quick preview of the text on the website a link titled "Cached". Click the cache link and it will bring up an older verison of the website.

From there copy and paste your old achievement or review and vola, your solution or review has been restored.

For some more recent achievements and reviews, you may not get a cached link option.

Feel free to post more tips and tricks into the comments section and we will update the top post accordingly.

Best of luck!

JMJimmy added the following:
The easiest search query to get all your achievement solutions and have them show up near the top is the following:

[Insert your gamer tag] -forum "achievement in"

This will remove all your forum posts and "achievement in" will push the guides to the top because that text appears in the title.

In my case it was

jmjimmy -forum "achievement in"

Note that it's case in-sensitive. If you have a multi-part name include " " around it. ie: "xxx xxx xxx"

Also note that if you changed your gamer tag between January and now it may have the old gamer tag so do a search for each tag you've had during that time period.


Edit: This also works for Bing, it will also return any achievements you have commented on unfortunately.
Users have also found success in combining their search with other engines and not limiting themselves to Google. Including Bing and Yahoo.

There is also another thread out there that provides some additional steps:
How to Recover Some Missing Solutions/Reviews. Be Quick!

Remember, you need to do this now and not latter. Caches will be overwritten and you won't be able to recover your data down the road!