#IDARB Confirmed as February's Games with Gold

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
Microsoft's Games with Gold program has been on going for sometime now for Xbox Live Gold members of both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. In very pleasing news for fans keeping a keen eye on one of Microsoft's ID@Xbox titles, #IDARB, the title has been confirmed as February's Games with Gold title. Free at launch!? Yes! That's not all! Game developer Other Ocean Interactive will also be choosing a select group of dedicated fans to download the title a whole two months early.

Mike Mika, Head of Development for Other Ocean shows his appreciation of the fans providing feedback and contributing character sprites:

#IDARB’s development team is more than just us in the studio - it’s the thousands of fans that made character sprites on IDARB.com, gave us feedback at shows, and contributed just about every game design decision in the game by tweeting their ideas at us. It might sound kind of strange to give the game away for free two months before it officially comes out, but that’s in line with how #IDARB was built from day one.
Some of #IDARB's most "vocal fans" have already received free download codes for the title. Other Ocean promises to give out more via the game's twitter account (@IDARBGame), IDARB.com, and also via the team's live video streams of the title on their Twitch channel (IDARBgame).

Lastly, we have a short gameplay trailer as eight players (either locally or online) square off in two teams of four and compete in a 2d platforming world with basketball and hockey rules. #IDARB will be the first title that allows spectators to disrupt the players, "in real time, using either Twitch or Twitter". Those spectating the session will have the ability to "turn the ball into a bomb, spawn fireworks, fill the screen with water", and plenty more.

#IDARB releases in 2015 as February's Game with Gold for free to those with a Gold membership on Xbox One. A price is yet to be confirmed for the title once its free period is over.
Credit for this story goes to DevinJMcIntyre
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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