FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD Collector's Edition

By Joshua Rust, 4 years ago
Publisher/developer Square Enix has announced that they will be releasing a Collector's Edition for Final Fantasy Type-0 when it releases early next year. This is what you will find included in the Collector's Edition:

- Collector's Box and Game Disc
- GOLDEN STEELBOOK CASE: Featuring illustrations by world-renowned artist Yoshitaka Amano, this premium case holds both the game and soundtrack CD.
- COMPOSER'S SELECTIONS SOUNDTRACK: Includes 15 tracks hand-picked by the game's composer, Takeharu Ishimoto.
- FINAL FANTASY® TYPE-0 MANGA: A complete 200 page manga comic establishing the world and characters of the game.
- 80 PAGE ART BOOK: Dive into the war-torn land of Orience through its illustrations and art renders.
- ACE'S CARDS: Five life-size replicas of the iconic cards held by Class Zero's Ace.
- FINAL FANTASY® XV EPISODE DUSCAE DEMO: Every copy of the Collector's Edition includes a code for the FINAL FANTASY® XV playable demo.
Here is the video showing off everything mentioned above:

The FINAL FANTASY® XV EPISODE DUSCAE DEMO will only be available by pre-ordering and buying Final Fantasy Type-0. If you go to the official website, you will find where you can pre-order the game. It is priced at $109.99, according to the GameStop website.

If you haven't been keeping up with the game, it was first announced back in June for Xbox One. These screenshots show how much better the game looks as compared to its original PSP version. There is also a video detailing how deep the storyline will be in the game.

Final Fantasy Type-0 will release on Xbox One on March 17th in North America, March 19th in Japan and March 20th in Europe.
Joshua Rust
Written by Joshua Rust
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