TrueAchievements App Update and Availability

By Rich Stone,
The TrueAchievements App has been out for almost 2 months in the US, UK and other English speaking regions and has been very successful.


We're delighted to be able to finally release it today to the following additional countries:

- Argentina
- Austria
- Belgium
- Brazil
- Chile
- Colombia
- Denmark
- Finland
- France
- Germany
- Italy
- Japan
- Mexico
- Netherlands
- Norway
- Poland
- Portugal
- Spain
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- Turkey

Please note that the app content is still in English in these regions.

Additionally, we have pushed out a Title Update to the app for all regions which contains the following:

- Invite gamers to chat button on a gaming session page when it is running or about to start
- View Xbox Profile button on other gamer's game pages
- Change Account button
- Numerous styling and bug fixes
- Stability improvements

We hope you enjoy these improvements and look forward to bringing you more in the new year.

Happy Holidays from everyone at TA! toast


P.S. If you like the app, don't forget to give us a rating in the store
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Yo! Rich here - I was the one that created TrueAchievements back in 2008 as I felt the Xbox Gamerscore system could be improved. The site has evolved massively since then and it's now the biggest and best Xbox community on the planet! Racing games and open world shooters are my thing, but I'll give most genres a go. Except RPGs - those things are evil.