Minecraft Patch Adds Tons Of New Things

By Joshua Rust, 4 years ago
Developer Mojang has been hard at work to bring the console versions of Minecraft up to the same level as its PC counterpart. As of today, they have released a new patch that has added a plethora of new things for the player to discover. Ranging from new mobs, block types, and items to create. One of the most requested features, the horse, has been finally added in this update. You can see everything that was added in the lists below.

New Mobs
•Wither (hostile, a player-created “boss” mob)
•Wither Skeletons (hostile, spawn in Nether fortresses)
•Witches (special “villagers” who are hostile and throw potions at players. They are found in Witch Huts that are generated similar to villages but only in the Swamp biomes.)
•Bats (neutral, flying mobs that do not drop items & spawn in low light levels)
•Horses (neutral, can be tamed & ridden, can wear horse armor, only spawn in Plains & Savannah biomes)
•Donkeys (neutral, can be tamed & ridden, cannot wear horse armor but can carry items, only spawn in Plains & Savannah biomes)
•Mules (neutral, created by breeding donkeys & horses)
New block types
•Hardened clay (naturally occurring in Mesa biomes)
•Stained clay (colored hardened clay which can be colored by the player or found colored in Mesa biomes)
•Hay Bale (crafted with 9 wheat or can be found in dungeon chests, can be fed to horses along with other foods, flammable block)
•Block of coal (crafted with 9 coal, can be used as fuel)
•Block of redstone (crafted with 9 redstone, durable & movable power source)
New Player Created Items
•Nether star (drops from wither, used to make beacons)
•Beacon (crafted with 5 glass, 3 obsidian, and 1 Nether star; provides light beam & positive status effects)
•Daylight sensor (crafted with 3 glass, 3 nether quartz, 3 wood slabs; activates redstone based on light level)
•Hopper (crafted with 5 iron ingots & 1 chest, used to catch items or transfer them from containers)
•Minecart with hopper (crafted with 1 minecart & 1 hopper, used to transfer & transport items)
•Minecart with TNT (crafted with 1 minecart & 1 TNT block, minecart which can be remotely detonated)
•Activator rail (crafted with 6 iron ingots, 2 sticks & 1 redstone torch, activates minecarts that pass over it)
•Dropper (Xbox One & PC only, crafted with 7 cobblestone & 1 redstone, similar to dispensers & drops/stores items)
•Weighted pressure plate: heavy (crafted with 2 iron ingots, used to power redstone based on amount of items on it)
•Weighted pressure plate: light (crafted with 2 gold ingots, used to power redstone based on the amount of items on it)
•Redstone comparator (crafted with 3 redstone torches, 1 nether quartz, 3 stone; used in redstone circuits for signal strength)
•Trapped chest (crafted with 1 tripwire hook & 1 chest; stores items & powers redstone when opened)
•Firework star (crafted with 1 gunpowder, 1 dye & optional ingredient to determine shape/size or 1 firework star & 1 dye; used in creating fireworks)
•Firework rocket (crafted with 1 firework star, 1 paper, 1-3 gunpowder; creates fireworks when activated)
•Horse Armor (found in chests in dungeons, nether fortress, desert/jungle temples, abandoned mineshafts & blacksmiths; provides protection to horses)
•Leads (crafted with 4 string & 1 slimeball, used to lead neutral mobs)
•Name tag (found in dungeon chests or obtained through trading with villagers; allows player to name tamed mobs)
Here are some new screenshots for the update:
minecraft 1

minecraft 10

minecraft 9

minecraft 8

minecraft 7

minecraft 6

minecraft 5

minecraft 4

minecraft 3

minecraft 2

A trailer as well to show off the new update:

"Title Update 19" should prompt to download when you load Minecraft on either the Xbox 360 or the Xbox One. What features would you like to see implemented next?
Credit for this story goes to Spilner
Joshua Rust
Written by Joshua Rust
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