TA Top Five: Happy Endings

By Marc Hollinshead,
With the holiday break now (sadly) over, we are back with the TA Top Five. Apologies for the delays but we hope that, like us Newshounds, that you have had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As human beings, we get satisfaction from seeing things resolved. Whether that's the villain being defeated, a family being reunited, or the guy getting the girl, we never tire of those happy moments. Of course, we revel in the occasional plot twist and controversial ending, but when a film or TV series reaches its final moments, we want to see the characters living happily ever after and the baddies wallowing in their own filth. When it comes to games, the same element applies.

With the events of past weeks, my fellow Newshounds and I have been thinking about the happier things in life. Many games we play have us joining a character on a long journey that is regularly full of emotional trauma and plenty of heart-break. That's why there's nothing better than seeing them get the break they so sorely deserve when the game comes to a close. In this week's Top Five, we'll be taking a look at those happy endings in games that put a great big smile on our face.

Honorable Mention

BioShock 2
Happy Ending Bioshock 2

As someone who isn't quite as knowledgeable in the world of BioShock, I got a helping hand from my fellow Newshound, MarcC29, for this one:
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Top Five

5. Getting 100% Of A Game's Achievements

As achievement hunters, many of us never tire of the thrill that gaining another game completion brings. Playing through a game can be a joy in itself, but once you unlock every single one of those achievements, that particular game can be put back on the shelf with pride, knowing that it's complete. A lot of us in the TA community have the mindset that a game is never done with until every last achievement point is gained. Although we may have done a gazillion playthroughs, seen the game's ending one too many times, or simply played it until our eyes bleed, we will never be satisfied until that last "bleep-bloop" is heard. While some may think of it as a curse, the achievement addiction is able to give us many happy endings no matter what game we are playing.

4. Bayonetta - Jeanne To The Rescue

While the actual ending of the game itself isn't one for the history books, it's the relationship between Bayonetta and Jeanne that's of interest.
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3. Portal 2
Portal 2 ending

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2. Mass Effect 3 - Citadel DLC
Happy Endings ME3

The original ending of Mass Effect 3 angered many fans as it didn't resolve the Reaper threat in the way we imagined. BioWare did what they could in the extended cut to appease those who experienced that ending, but what truly helped the trilogy to get the send-off it deserved was the "Citadel" DLC. With one final, gimmicky adventure to embark upon, Shepard and the crew share a joke or ten and reminisce about past events. After a memorable party with of his/her friends, Shepard then heads back to the Normandy after saying this long ride has been "the best". With those words, the Mass Effect trilogy finally got some closure and many fans experienced the ending that they so desperately wanted. Instead of something depressing and unsatisfactory, BioWare literally gave us a piece of content to celebrate the good times we had in the series.

1. Catherine - True Lover Ending
True Lover Ending

Catherine is a truly unique game in the sense that, depending on your own view of relationships and marriage, Vincent will be given one of EIGHT different outcomes at the end of the story. These endings span far across the love spectrum but it's the "True Lover" ending that has the ultimate payoff.
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Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
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