Onigiri Heads West in 2015

By Damien Knox, 4 years ago
Windows Central has broken the news that the Xbox One's first MMORPG, Onigiri, will be heading to Europe and North America in 2015.

In case you're not familiar with Onigiri, it's a free-to-play action RPG that pulls on Japanese mythology to form its world. The game has been popular on PC, and came to Japanese consoles last month. Thanks to solid sales of the Xbox One outside of Japan, the game's developer, Cyberstep, moved forward with ensuring the game can reach those customers.

The game does feature microtransactions, though it also hands out freebies to keep the game playable to those who do not wish to spend much. Money within the game is used for the typical variety of things, from keeping your weapon in top shape, to buying healing items. Buying items grants the consumer access to a raffle where rare items can be had, so there is additional incentive to spend.

If you've already downloaded Onigiri via a Japanese account, be aware that your character information will not port over, so it's up to you if you want to keep working on that character, wait for the port so you can start again, or maintain both.

A specific release date wasn't given beyond the Early 2015 launch window, but we'll be sure to update with more once we have it. Any readers out there start up Onigiri? What are your thoughts on the title?

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Damien Knox
Written by Damien Knox
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