Two Worlds II Delayed Again

By splicegraph, 8 years ago
Now I know all you fans of Two Worlds have been waiting patiently for this grand sequel going on 3 years now. Having been continually teased with release announcements, then delays this past year. Well, unfortunately you're going to have to wait for another 4 months.

Today, SouthPeak have announced that they will be delaying the release of Two Worlds II until January 2011, without giving a specific date, and that is only for North America. From reading their official statement, it looks like the European market may still be getting it first, but it may not be the sparkling and bug free version that North America will eventually get.

The SouthPeak Team states that, although they "feel that the game is truly at AAA level" and that developer Reality Pump is on the verge of delivering a benchmark RPG, they want Two Worlds II to be flawless at launch in North America.

They also stated that they not only promise to deliver come January but will be selling the title at a cheaper price than intended. Well this is all good news to me, honestly. Not only do I need more time to reach level 50 on the original TW but my wallet will be taxed enough this holiday season as it is.
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