SMITE Cinematic Trailer Released

By Jonathan Barnes, 3 years ago
Hi-Rez Studios Free-to-Play MOBA, SMITE isn't due on the Xbox One until later this year, but its PC launch has been a qualified success. As one of the top three games in the MOBA world, it has over six million players and will soon be enticing top end players with the SMITE World Championship where over two million dollars in prizes are up for grabs.

While that's all fine and good, you're probably here to take a look at the new cinematic trailer for the game as well as some screen grabs from it.

Trailer 6

Trailer 5

Trailer 4

Trailer 3

Trailer 2

Trailer 1

Registration is now taking place for participation in the game's open beta. SMITE is set for a release on the Xbox One "soon".
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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