Bladestorm: THYW & Nightmare Delayed Slightly

By Ashley Woodcock, 3 years ago
Koei Tecmo, game developer behind the upcoming strategy title Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War & Nightmare, has pushed back the game's release date ever so slightly, from the beginning of March to the end of March. With this news however, we also have a decent set of screens to check out as well as the game's pack shot, and also plenty of juicy details on the battle system and Nightmare mode.

Bladestorm: THYW Logo Screen 1

Players will need to create a new mercenary and then accept and complete missions that will "advance the English or the French cause in the course of the Hundred Year War". The typical elements of a strategy title will be put to test in the upcoming missions and only those who can fight well, strategize, lead and form efficient tactics will be successful in their missions. The player will also assume the role of the commander. With an army unit at your disposal, you must choose who to roll out with. Choose from "foot soldiers, lances, archers, light cavavalry, or a combination of melee, ranged and mounted units".

Bladestorm: THYW Battle Screen 01

Bladestorm: THYW Battle Screen 2

Bladestorm: THYW Battle Screen 3

Bladestorm: THYW Battle Screen 4

Bladestorm: THYW Battle Screen 0

Players will be able to control up to four army units at once and will have the ability to move and reposition these units whenever you feel. Units can team up with other units to form a bigger and more powerful group, and also follow certain commands as specific as attacking from a certain angle and holding their position. On top of this, players can also dish out the commands in real time, bring all of the units together in a "200 soldier troop for a charged attack", or, thanks to the battle map interface, single out units for a more spread attack. In the other half of the battle screens, the last two also showcase a preview of hiring units and selecting and accepting contracts.

Bladestorm: THYW Battle Screen 5

Bladestorm: THYW Battle Screen 6

Bladestorm: THYW Battle Screen 7

Bladestorm: THYW Contract Screen 2

Bladestorm: THYW Contract Screen 1

The upcoming Nightmare mode featured in the title takes a different twist on the strategy action. Rather than commanding army units, players will indulge in an "original fantasy scenario" where armies of mythical creatures will be in your control.

In the opening sequence of this mode a group of Mercenaries in possession of a sword able to control monsters arrive in war-stricken Gascony only to find the combined forces of England and France under siege by an army of demonic forces. As the leader of the group, the player fights through this army to rescue the defenders and decides to investigate the origins of this new threat.
Bladestorm: THYW Nightmare 01

Bladestorm: THYW Nightmare 2

Bladestorm: THYW Nightmare 3

Bladestorm: THYW Nightmare 4

Bladestorm: THYW Nightmare 5

Bladestorm: THYW Nightmare 6

Bladestorm: THYW Nightmare 7

Bladestorm: THYW Nightmare 8

Lastly, we have a few screens of the character edit options. Chop and change your characters as you please from the hair and face features, to the clothes and gear that they are wearing.

Bladestorm: THYW Character Edit Screen 1

Bladestorm: THYW Character Edit Screen 2

Bladestorm: THYW Character Edit Screen 3

Bladestorm: THYW Character Screen 04

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War & Nightmare is still scheduled to release in Japan on January 29th. Europe's former release date of March 6th, 2015 has now become March 20th, while North America has moved from March 3rd to March 17th.
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