The Escapists Are Breaking Out in February

By Marc Caccamise, 3 years ago
Mouldy Toof Studios' and Team 17's prison escape game, The Escapists, is set to release next month on the Xbox One.

Escapists(1/13/15) 7

Another product of the ID@Xbox program, the game challenges players to plot and execute a breakout across six different prisons that range in difficulty. Whether it's digging your way out, starting a riot, bribing the guards, etc. you'll have to use some of the game's 200 items (including 50+ craftable items) around the prison to make your way out. Players can also take on an assortment of prison jobs, such as Laundry, Metal Shop, and Library work, to earn funds necessary for escaping. However, occasional cell shakedowns can also occur, so players have to be vigilant with their planning.

Alongside news of the release date are two new trailers, the first being a teaser:

A selection of screens from the game have also been released:

Escapists(1/13/15) 1

Escapists(1/13/15) 2

Escapists(1/13/15) 3

Escapists(1/13/15) 4

Escapists(1/13/15) 5

Escapists(1/13/15) 6

The Escapists is set to release on February 13th for the Xbox One.
Marc Caccamise
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