Pinball FX 2 is a Free* Download

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
First things first, Pinball FX 2 is going to be a free download. Just like Game Room you will download the client software and then can demo or purchase new tables as you see fit. Every table released for Pinball FX will be supported by the sequel. This includes DLC tables such as the Street Fighter 2 table, Rocky and Bullwinkle and Earth Defense.

So if the Pinball FX 2 client is going to be free, what will it actually cost you? If you have played Pinball FX then all of your existing pinball tables will be playable in Pinball Fx 2 at no cost. If you have not played Pinball FX at all, then you can purchase the original tables (Speed Machine, Extreme Agents and Buccaneer) for 800 MSP.

The original DLC tables (Rocky and Bullwinkle, Nightmare Mansion, Street Fighter 2 and Earth Defense) will be available for 240 MSP each.

The new, Pinball FX 2 exclusive tables (Pasha, Rome, Biolab and Secrets of the Deep) will be available in one bundle entitled the Pinball FX 2 Core Collection for 800 MSP.

There is no word on if achievements for Pinball FX tables can be earned through Pinball FX 2. You will be updated when we have this information.

Pinball FX 2 is part of Microsoft's Game Feast and will be available on October 13th.