RECO Technology Announces Two Games for Xbox One

By Rebecca Smith, 3 years ago
RECO Technology is a developer that is unlikely to be familiar to you. They're yet to release a title for the Xbox 360 or Xbox One, but they're hoping for that to change with the two titles that they have just announced for the Xbox One.

Yasai Ninja is a hack and slash action title that puts players in the role of two warriors as they take on the evil troops of general Kyrui in Old Japan. The catch is that these warriors are vegetables.

Broccoli Joe is a shameless nomad fighter. He fights with nunchaku with a fast and close-ranged style. With no armor, he is no capable to block attacks, but can evade them. He is faster than the samurai, but not stronger. Later, he can fight with metal rings in his arms and hands which makes him stronger.

Samurai Onion is an old school samurai, honored and silent. His motivation is to defeat the evil feudal lord and recover his lost honor stolen by his betrayer ex-ally, the evil feudal lord cucumber. This character wear a classic samurai armor, and a katana as main weapon. Later, he can use a naginata, a slower long-ranged weapon.

Meanwhile, Toro is a bull-fighting simulator that tasks you with rising through the ranks to become the number one bullfighter against bovine opponents that weigh 500kg. If you execute your passes correctly, keep the bull's attention and perfect a high combo, you'll earn enough points to pass the challenges with which you are faced and compete at the next level of bullrings.


Toro is due to be released in April or May this year. Yasai Ninja has a release window of Q2 2015.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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