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By Rich Stone, 8 years ago
Hey people

I just wanted to give you a bit of an update as to where we are with scanning and servers etc.

Registration is currently closed while the scanners try to catch up and get everyone's achievements since January.

The scan queue is approximately 6000 gamers long but we are making good progress on this and I would expect that by Monday we should have cleared that list.

I will then allow forced scans, new registrations and begin the process of scanning all the registered gamers who haven't been back since we came back up. This amounts to around 60,000 gamers so this process will take a long time. With the forced scans re-enabled this can happen in the background.

Data Loss
I've had an update from the specialist data recovery people, they have identified what needs to happen to try to rebuild the drive and the array, and I've asked them to go ahead this. They are going to know in a couple of weeks whether the data is recoverable, and I'm pretty hopeful that it will be.

New drives
I've spent some of the recently donated money on a pair of new drives that are mirrored (this means if one fails then the other will still work). These are considerably bigger than the drives that failed so will keep us in business for another couple of months.

I've implemented a new backup procedure which involves storing 3 backups at any one time and having one offsite as well.

New Server
I have ordered a brand new server which is currently being built. I'm hoping that I will be able to have this in place at some time over the next couple of weeks. This server is more powerful and has a lot more disk space and redundancy than the current database server.

Down Time
Some of you will remember I posted about the hosting company replacing their power system a while ago - this is happening on Sunday so we will be down for around 8 hours from midnight UK time on Saturday night. Again, apologies for this, it's not the best timing but there's nothing I can do.

There will also be some down time when I swap the servers over some time in October, but I will give you more information on that when I have an idea of when it will happen.

I want to again thank everyone that has donated to the site in the last few days. It's been an astonishing response, and has paid for the new drives, data recovery, AND a month of the new server. You guys are truly awesome!

If there's anyone out there that has donated and doesn't have their badge etc then please PM me with the email address you used to donate with.

And if anyone else wants to donate then you can do it from the Support Us link on the Useful Links menu. If you do this, please remember to put your GamerTag in the purpose field

Thanks again everyone, and if any of you are going to Eurogamer on Saturday then I hope to see you there!

Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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