ScreamRide Details (Roller) Coast(er) In

By Michelle Balsan, 3 years ago
During its reveal at GamesCom 2014, ScreamRide developer Frontier Digital let us know that this game would be much more than simply a build-your-own-coaster simulation. No, there was a task at hand, and that was to thrill the bored populace with your own coaster creations.

While it was detailed briefly, more has been revealed about ScreamRide's three game modes. First up, there's ScreamRider, which puts you in the role of the coaster controller. You have to manage the speed of the car and its lean, being careful not to tip the car over and lose your passengers. You can get pretty crazy here, even getting your coaster up on two wheels, but making sure your passengers are not only entertained, but alive at the end of it all, is important.

The game also features a puzzle portion, dubbed the Engineer missions. In this game mode, the coaster is started for you, and you're given a limited amount of track to work with. Given what's provided, your job is to make the coolest ride in the park.

Finally, there's the Demolition Expert game mode. Here, destruction reigns supreme as you're tasked with launching "thrill-seeking guests into a destructible environment, setting off explosions and causing chain reactions to knock down as many buildings as possible."

Of course, in addition to all of the game modes, ScreamRide features a robust coaster creator that allows you to construct full environments as well as the coasters inhabiting them.

ScreamRide 1/21/15 Screen 5

ScreamRide 1/21/15 Screen 4

ScreamRide 1/21/15 Screen 3

ScreamRide 1/21/15 Screen 2

ScreamRide 1/21/15 Screen 1

ScreamRide is scheduled for release on March 3rd in America, March 5th in Asia, and March 6th in Europe. The Xbox One edition will cost $39.99 or regional equivalent while the Xbox 360 version will set you back $29.99 or regional equivalent.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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