First RIDE Gameplay Trailer Speeds In

By Chewie, 3 years ago
For a while, all we were getting from upcoming racing title RIDE was a series of videos showing us individual bike models. Then, two weeks ago, we got our first look of the game itself with a set of screens. Now, developer Milestone has upped the ante by providing not only the first full gameplay trailer for the game, but also what those who pre-order it prior to release day can expect in the way of bonuses.

Those who pre-order will be able to choose one of two DLC packs (depending where the pre-order is made), each with a selection of Yamaha bikes to use in the game.

Pre-order through GAME to get:
"YAMAHA HISTORICAL BIKES": YZF-R7(1998), YZF-R1(2002), YZF-R1(1998)
Pre-order through other outlets to get:
"YAMAHA 2015 BIKE MODELS": YZF-R1, YZF-R1M, YZF-R6 – 2015 models
These DLC packs will be available to purchase for those who don't pre-order at €3.99 (or regional equivalent) after the game's release.

RIDE is getting a worldwide release on Xbox 360 and Xbox One on March 20th, 2015.
Written by Chewie
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