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By Rebecca Smith, 3 years ago
When hits the Xbox One, players will be placed in the shoes of a pair of siblings, Noah and Renie, who have been transported to the Whispered World, a place otherwise known as Silence. At the age of 16, Noah has been to Silence just once before, but it is not the place that he remembers. In fact, he didn't even know that the world still existed. Silence looks like a beautiful place, but appearances are deceptive. Underneath the surface, this place is a hostile environment and is no place for Noah's 6-year-old sister Renie. Can Noah and Renie escape from this place and will they found out how the Silence has managed to exist for so long?

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As an adventure title, puzzles are an important part of the experience. Developer Daedalic Entertainment is trying to give this part of the title "a significant makeover" to move away from what players would usually expect from the adventure genre. The puzzles have been designed to be part of the story experience and to never stop players from progressing through the story. While players will still need to explore their surroundings, interact with other characters, and watch and listen to the things that are happening around them, the puzzles are "always kept on a logical, comprehensible level" and players never have to stray out of the current area. An inventory is not needed because players will be focusing on one item and one puzzle at a time -- gone are the puzzles that required a large number of item combinations.

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As we revealed when the game was announced, Noah and Renie will have their own strengths and weaknesses. Noah will be stronger than his sister but, at the tender age of six, Renie is a lot more curious than her brother and is more fearless as a result. Players can switch freely between the two characters, but they will be accompanied at all times by the siblings' sidekick Spot. Spot can shape shift into many different forms, which may be used to solve whichever puzzle the player is facing. He can also explore Silence on his own and will have different reactions that depend on his current form, which can yield vital clues for the solving puzzles.

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The game's cursor will play an important part in helping the player to work out what needs to be done, although this won't go as far as solving the puzzle for you. Just like Spot, the cursor also changes shape and will display the player's options.


Unlike its predecessor, 2010's The Whispered World, the game will have a "three-dimensional artwork" appearance. Daedalic is using 3D technology with "‘camera projection". The environments are 3D, as are the objects and characters, but then 2D art is projected onto everything allowing the game to have a 3D design with a hand-drawn art appearance.

Whispered World

Take a look at the game's first trailer to see how it all began.

Players will be taken to the beautiful-yet-twisted Whispered World when the game is released early this year.
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