Full Game Clip Integration

By Rich Stone, 3 years ago
One of the coolest features of the Xbox One is the Game DVR system that constantly records your gameplay and allows you to store clips at the press of a button or a call to Kinect.

When we were developing the TrueAchievements Xbox One App, we were given access to the Game Clips system, but unfortunately at the time we were too busy working on the app to make use of this data.

Last week Doomful and I started looking at the system in more detail, and we are pleased to be able to bring some game clip functionality to the site today:

Gamer Clips Tab

Gamer Clips TabGamer Clips Tab

You will see a tab on Gamer pages that takes you to a list of their clips which you can filter by game and sort on various different parameters (duration, age, number of views etc).

You'll see information on each clip including the number of views, comments and favourites (more on these later!).

Click on a Game Clip to watch it on the Game Clip page.

Game Clip Page

Game Clips PageGame Clips Page

You can watch the clip on the Game Clip page, favourite it by clicking the heart icon or share it by clicking the share button and choosing a network to share to. You can also comment on the clip below it.

Favouriting a clip will post a notification item to your friend feed. To prevent feed spam, these are grouped in the same way that achievement wins are, but you can remove them from your feed completely in My Friend Feed Settings.

Friend Feed NotificationsFriend Feed Notifications

Game Clips Page

Halo 5 BetaHalo 5 Beta

Xbox One games now have a Game Clip tab that shows all the latest clips recorded from the game. We've also added clips from beta versions of games to our Pre Release pages where appropriate (check out Halo 5: Guardians for example).

Game Clip Hub

Game Clip HubGame Clip Hub

When you suddenly have access to almost 7 years of video content, you need a way to easily find interesting clips, so we have created the Game Clip Hub. Here you can see the top clips from various genres and also a list of currently popular game clip titles. These playlists are updated automatically every few hours.


Game Clips PageGame Clips Page

You can easily create your own playlists of clips - just go to a clip page and then click Add to playlist on the right. Once created, you can view or edit your playlists from your game clips page. These can also be shared and even published to your friend feed.

Achievement Solutions

You can add links to game clip pages or game clip playlists in solutions and they will automatically be rendered in a player in a similar way to YouTube videos.

Blogs and Reviews

You can even do the same in your blogs and reviews to add some video action to them!

Saving Game Clips

Remember that Game clips recorded your Xbox One will eventually expire unless you save them. To keep a clip from expiring, open the Game DVR app on your Xbox One, select Show my clips, select a clip, press the Menu button on the controller, then select Save.


While we have tested this development to a certain degree, there's thousands of lines of new code and there may be one or two bugs. If you find any, please post them to the Bug Reports Forum.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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