Soul Axiom Coming to Xbox One

By Michelle Balsan, 3 years ago
Wales Interactive has revealed that Soul Axiom, their psychologically-motivated adventure title, will be heading to Xbox One.

In the world of Soul Axiom, Elysia, a system by which you can upload your soul, has been developed and released. In Elysia, there is no death, so it presents a boundless dreamscape upon which the soul-uploader can explore their desires.

Of course, this sort of advance only leads to disaster as you start the game by seeing flashes of your memory as you hurtle toward the eye of a devastating storm. The storm does not kill you, as you think it might, but instead leaves you on the deck of rain-soaked ship with "four shadowy figures on the bridge, gazing into the distance, with an old man at the helm."

This sets the stage for an exploration of both life and the digital afterlife where mysteries must be solved or, in some cases, are best left alone.

Here are some of the features gamers can expect to see once the game is released:

Psychological Adventure with Exploration & Puzzle elements: Interact with cryptic logic puzzles, make psychological decisions and explore memories to unlock the secrets of your identity.
Harness the abilities of Elysia: Discover new powers that will assist exploration and puzzle solving by phasing, building, destroying or corrupting.
Unique visual style: There is a beautifully simplistic emphasis on striking shapes, strong colours, and beautiful effects and lighting to elicit a variety of emotions within The Elysia.
Compelling storyline: A tense, but thought-provoking narrative with multiple outcomes, and leaves you yearning to explore all avenues of the lore.
Dynamic adaptive environments: Use your abilities to manipulate your surrounding environments. Collect your powers and re-visit memories to unlock previously hidden areas.
Packed full of content: With 6 chapters consisting of around 40 unique locations, expect between 8-12 hours of thrilling gameplay with the full release.
Atmospheric soundtrack: Provides the perfect musical backdrop which subtly enhances the game through well-crafted association with the memories you explore.

Soul Axiom is currently slated for a Q4 2015 release.

We've got the full list of Soul Axiom achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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