Borderlands Fix Incoming For Latest DLC

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
For those of you enjoying the Borderlands Robolution this week, you may have noticed achievements were not unlocking despite meeting all the criteria. Do not worry, as Gearbox has also noticed this problem. The issue is that there are 5 achievements which must be unlocked in an exact order in order to register:

1: “What a party!”
2: “It’s so realistic”
3: “Bobble-trap”
4: “The Lubricator”
5: “Tourist”

For example, if you get "Bobble-trap" first, then "What a party!" and "It's so realistic" will not unlock.

Gearbox will be releasing a retroactive achievement fix with Title Update 1.50 due out "sometime in October."

Have to say, as annoying as brand new DLC with glitches is, at least Gearbox is getting a fix out rather quickly. There is still a handful of games from 2007 that still need some fixing!
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